About us


Way Better Postcard / Inmark Media, LLC

Inmark Media and its' Waybetterpostcard.com platform focus on Real Estate Marketing in the Metro Washington, DC area - From agents to brokerages - both in residential & commercial markets.

With over 18 years direct marketing experience in the Metro DC area, our team has the knowledge and market intelligence to make each of your campaigns the best they can be.

Spencer, our Team Leader has mailed over 171 million pieces of mail in his career. Aside from the knowledge of how direct mail marketing works, Spencer is well aware of how successful Real Estate Agents promote and market their business.

Combining a true marketing agency with a manufacturing -production based company then integrating both into a highly data driven platform is what separatesĀ WayBetterPostcard/Inmark Media from a commercial printer.

Our Approach utilizes leveraging advanced data, digital printing and complete direct mail services..all "UNDER ONE ROOF"..Locally here in Silver Spring, MD

Providing the best possible service, value and price is what we do. Let us helpĀ with your next campaign. Call Today 301-233-9779....ask for Spencer.