Inmark Media, LLC
Way Better Postcard

Who Are We?

Inmark Media, along with its platform, is dedicated to specializing in Real Estate Marketing within the Metro Washington, DC area, catering to both real estate agents and brokerages in the residential and commercial sectors.

With an extensive 18-year background in direct marketing in the Metro DC region, our team possesses the market intelligence and expertise needed to optimize every aspect of your marketing campaigns.

Spencer, our Team Leader, boasts an impressive career track record, having overseen the mailing of over 171 million pieces of mail. Beyond his deep knowledge of direct mail marketing, Spencer is well-versed in the strategies employed by successful Real Estate Agents to promote and market their businesses.

What sets WayBetterPostcard/Inmark Media apart is our unique approach. We seamlessly blend the capabilities of a marketing agency with those of a manufacturing and production-based company, all integrated into a highly data-driven platform. This integration differentiates us from conventional commercial printers.

Our approach leverages advanced data analytics, digital printing technology, and comprehensive direct mail services, all conveniently housed "UNDER ONE ROOF" in our Silver Spring, MD location.

Our primary mission is to provide the best possible service, value, and pricing to our clients. Allow us to assist you with your next campaign. Please reach out today at 301-233-9779 and ask for Spencer.