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  • All Pricing includes Printing, Postage, and Entry into a USPS Plant
  • All Postcards Exceed USPS Requirements
  • All Postcards include Accutrace Tracking

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Paper & Specs

Make a Statement with Different Sizes:

  • Standard 4.25″ x 5.50″
  • Jumbo 5.5″ x 8.5″
  • Super Jumbo 6″ x 9″
  • Panoramic 5.5″ x 11″
  • Panoramic Wide 6″ x 11″
  • Giant 8.5″ x 11″

Durable-High Quality Paper Stock:

  • 12pt Premium Coated Paper
  • 14pt Premium Coated Paper
  • 16pt Premium Coated Paper
We know the presentation your card makes is important upon arrival. All of our paper selections exceed USPS requirements. They also will help provided the best overall protection withstanding potential damage from USPS processing – depending on where your postcards are headed – they may be processed on 2-4 machines and travel in trucks, planes, and/or containers. We do carry over 20 other postcard suitable papers and can obtain just about any paper next day from our mill partners. If your looking for something to meet your requirements send us a note!

Add Additional Coating:

The paper mills provide coated paper, however it has no real gloss or matte/silk finish, unlike text of book paper we are using heavier caliper weight card/board stock. We offer (3) additional coatings that enhance the finish look and feel to one or both sides of your card.
  • Gloss UV Coating – Adds a glossy sheen and helps in the reduction of smudging or scratches that can occur on postal processing equipment.
  • Matte UV Coating – Almost the opposite of the above, this enhances a duller appearance and reduces the reflection of light off the card.
  • Soft Touch UV Coating – Creates a velvety texture. The paper becomes “soft” to the touch and increases the tactile appeal.

Print Recommendations

Print-Ready Files It a common term used every day in commercial printing, but it can mean different things. They are essential elements your file needs to ensure it translates from your computer to the printing press accurately and consistently without the need for any additional edits or adjustments. PDF Format Whether you’re designing a postcard, property brochures or perfect bound marketing booklets the first step in creating a file for online printing is knowing what format it’s in. A PDF is the best format. Other File Formats Other formats have broader editing capabilities, such as Adobe Photoshop (.psd format), Illustrator (.ai format) or InDesign (.indd/imdl). They can work however you have Package and Zip with Links and Font Folders and save as an IMDL otherwise they cannot be used. Formats like Microsoft Document (.docx), PowerPoint (.ppx) or Publisher (.pub) are not optimized for a printing press. And formats like .png and .jpeg. are static images that, if designed correctly, can be printed, but there will most likely be a charge to convert them. Nothing will advance however without your approval. Print-Ready File Requirements To ensure your file is ready for press and other online printing services, follow these guidelines: All of your images should be high resolution. We recommend images are 300 PPI for small format projects like booklets, cards or brochures, and 150 PPI for large format projects like custom signs and banners.
  • Make sure your files use CMYK colors for the most accurate comparison between what you see on your screen and what is produced with the press (not guaranteed to match exactly)
  • Your design files must have the appropriate bleed to ensure any variances in commercial production don’t affect your print. .125″ or 1/8″ variance in the event that the machines drift slightly in any direction. Because of this, your finished size should be expanded by 1/4″. Thus the final PDF file size for a 8.5×11 Brochure will actually be 8.75 x 11.25
  • Your design files should have all transparent objects, images or drop shadows flattened. PMS Pantone colors will be converted on the fly to CMKY unless for Signs and you have ordered PMS Colors.
General Rule As long as you have a PDF with high resolution images in the CMYK color space with the appropriate bleed, you’ll be on your way to creating the correct print-ready file and your own exceptional project!

Mailing Lists

We offer 6 Types of Primary Data Builder Tool with 160 data filters centric to Real Estate!

Map My Mail (Over 50 Selects)

Over 132 Million Deliverable Housing Unit Addresses. Map your area via our polygon tool (or city, zip, neighborhood). Mail to all Properties or pinpoint further with over 50 On Demand Real Estate Filters including - Likely to Sell, Likely to Purchase First Home and more.

Subdivision Counts

Choose the Subdivision or Neighborhood you want to mail to Single Family, T-Homes, Condos or Apt.

Condo/Apartment Counts

Select from our premier database of Metro DC - Condos, Co-Ops and Apartment Buildings

Closest Relevant Homes

Use our algorithm to locate the Closet Relevant Homes to a property address.

Pre-Built Real Estate List and Custom Selects

Select from seven Popular Data Builds for Realtors or customize your own.

Absentee / Investor Data

Target Absentee or Investor property owners.

Upload Your Own List

We prefer lists to be uploaded/submitted in one of the following common formats: .CSV | .TXT | .XLS or .XLSX | .DBF ** Please do not use submit any apple number files instead export as CSV from your apple device. We do accept formats other than those listed above, however, additional time and fees may apply if it's necessary to adjust or manipulate your data. If you're unsure about your mailing list or have questions on exporting from your CRM, feel free to contact us.

Save your List with Us

You can choose to save the list you're uploading to your account and make future orders simple and faster. Simply select "YES" in the "Add to List to Account" drop down option in the "Configure and Price" builder.

List Manager - Use My List on File

Use a list or multiple lists we have on file for you in our list manager platform - My Mailing List. We can build, manage, maintain, and update all your mailing lists - Geo Farms, SOI, Seller Direct/Golden Letters, Do Not Mail and more! Access this via your account page (Menu up top - "My Account"), then open "My Mailing List" on the left. Here you can see the list name, number of addresses in that list and download that list . You can add or delete records, upload any updated list or even order a new list or request a count.  

My Mailing List

My Mailing List is our list manager platform built to help you maintain your mailing list. It is Simple and Straight Forward. We do all the work! Before each mailing and/or every 60 days, these lists are processed for accuracy, duplicate addresses removed, vacant homes, known deceased, both NCOA (USPS Change of Address system) as well as PCOA (a private change of address registry we subscribe to via the 3 largest credit bureaus). We can also suppress any names you might have on your Do Not Mail list (if you use). You can easily remove contacts by contacting us through your account "My Account & My Mailing List". Create a new mailing list using our List Builder Platforms or Have Us Build a Custom List or Append records to you list- How long have they lived there, what is the LTV, Ages, etc...  
  • Upload your SOI mailing lists have it cleaned, updated - Did someone move or pass away?
  • Add/Remove individual addresses to your SOI or Do Not Mail List
  • Choose multiple mailing lists for one mailer
  • Order List Insight - As your list is cleaned and processed for mailing, we generate possible leads - Vacant Homes, Deceased individuals and/or addresses in probate.

Postage Information

Marketing Mail

Formerly called Standard or Bulk Mail, this is the most common form of postage in the direct mail world. Marketing Mail has local in-home averages of two to four days. However, it is possible for mail to arrive next day. Nationwide average delivery times of 5 to 7 days for letters.

First Class Presort 500 min

First Class Presort mail averages one to five days and for oversized FLATS up to 10 Days. Undelivered mail, e.g. wrong address, is returned to the sender.

First Class ... Time-sensitive mailings, such as "Just Listed/Open House" postcards that are less than 500 pieces.

Same as above, but for any quantity. We are a Certified Full Service USPS Partner and Authorized E-Induction and Seamless Processor. Learn more here

We process all lists when available for:

  • Address Correction/Validation
  • NCOA (National Change of Address) From USPS
  • PCOA (Private Change off Address ) From Big Data - 3 Major Credit Bureaus
  • Deceased Records
  • Undeliverable Records
  • Unit Numbers Missing
  • Not Correct Unit Number
  • Vacant Homes

We offer Data Enhancement as well (fess will apply):

  • Deduce if you have multiple list (remove duplicate records)
  • Append Consumer Demographic Data to your list or SOI List
  • Build "Look A Like" based on your list
  • Email Append, Phone Append
  • Merge / Purge
  • Geo Code