home value marketing


What is it?

Home Value Marketing Postcards - using a Personalized Home Code, sellers will obtain initial insight on their home's estimated value from a CMA of homes around them.  Agents will receive instant notifications whenever a homeowner redeems their code and views their free report giving you real leads.

How It Works

Strong Called to Action

Select from some of our proven postcards or have us design a custom for you. Each postcard contains a unique home key code.

The Conversation Starts

After Homeowners receive their postcard they can redeem their home key code and get property information without filing up anything else. 

Real Leads

You receive an alert (text and email) every time a homeowner redeems their code, giving you a REAL potential lead.

How It Works

Home Value Marketing Platform

We pre-assign a unique home code, i.e. 4XP553, to each address in your direct mail campaign.  This code along with a general URL i.e. ourhomeinsight.com, (your own custom URL) are printed on each postcard and mailed.

The homeowner simply goes to the URL and enters that code from their postcard, within a few seconds they arrive at their homes page/report.

Direct Mail Lead-Gen

STEP #1: From their personalized postcard, the homeowner types in the agent's personalized URL i.e. MyKesningtonHomeValue.com

STEP #2: Simply enters their code i.e. XT5WRA

In about 15-30 seconds the homeowner receives their CMA/Home Value Estimate.

Social Media Marketing (Add-on)

Combine your Direct Mail campaign with this online tool.

STEP #1: The homeowner sees your ad or visits your website.

STEP #2: After they see your ad or visit your website, they enter their property address and email (optional).

In about 15-30 seconds the homeowner receives their CMA/Home Value Estimate.

Let The Marketing Continue - Homeowners can use the Home Condition Slider to best reflect their home, Select/Deselect from the CMA, which properties are most relevant to theirs or base only on date, Report Inaccurate or update information, and of course, Contact You as "Only a Realtor, can provide them with the best market value of their home."

This platform can be added to your regular farming cards or run as a stand-alone, in any case, we'll help you every step of the way 🙂





What is one of the most important factors for homeowners in regards to selling or listing their home? Short answer: Value or more importantly, Their Equity. Our Home Value Marketing Platform uses an advanced Automated Value Model (AVM) and provides a strong call-to-action by offering a free home value estimate to homeowners.


Our Code HVM websites customize the web page for that homeowner without requiring any personal information to be entered, including a Google Street View of the homeowner's home and surrounding neighborhood! Homeowners simply enter a code referenced in the call-to-action and the website populates their information instantly! This process leads to a high conversion rate in leads, meaning more opportunities to get a listing.


When a homeowner enters their unique Home Code, the agent will get a TEXT with the property address to notify them and an email with the homeowner's name, address, (phone number, and email if available).  We even offer a small CRM with auto emailing and templates, or simply export the leads to your own CRM.



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