Geo Farming

A Proven and Effective Agent Marketing Tool - Be A Resource

A powerful approach to lead prospecting, as it zeros in on a geographic-based (neighborhood, subdivisions, building) audience and allows agents, to hyper-local focus their marketing message. Being RELEVANT, rather than trying to be all things to all buyers and sellers, a real estate agent who farms becomes the property resource in that area.
..isn't it all about the opportunity, in our case listing appointments?     THEN GET MORE!

This type of marketing is especially beneficial for agents who want to gain exposure in their local market. By targeting specific neighborhoods, agents can effectively reach potential clients, build their brand recognition, and increase their production. Direct mail campaigns can be tailored to meet the needs of each agent, making them an efficient and cost-effective

Map Your Area

Open this tool to draw a polygon of an area you have interest in. From this starting point, we can analyze turnover rates, quantity, type of property and can also apply various property an demographic data filters to build your list.

Select your Neighborhood

This database has all Metro DC (DC, MD and VA) subdivisions with a Block/Street Build for each

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