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What media or marketing channels are you using to generate new listings? Targeting home owners for listings and leads using Direct Mail, is one of the most effect methods of outbound marketing agents have. 

Whether you are using a Geo-Farm or a Data-Driven Farm approach, consistent marketing will transform you into a valued resource, more specifically a Valued Hyper Local Resource.

No agent should rely on just a single channel for marketing themselves. Successful agents execute a multi channel strategy using, referrals, electronic/internet marketing, events and more into their mix, However, in any market, in any city you will most likely find that the real "Top Producers" are using direct mail marketing as one of their outbound channels. Then to expand further 73% of them will say, it was a key part of their success*.

Direct Mail can reach new prospects, those on your sphere of influence list or anyone in your funnel directly with your value proposition. Integrate that with relevant information and you can be known as a property resource when it comes to real estate.

Explore the diverse mailing list we offer most online and OnDemand in each product by clicking here.

Discover why our postcards and other direct mail products are "Way Better"

  • The ultimate 4 step real time data processing we use of list improves deliverability and maximizes your marketing dollars
  • High Quality Print and Finishing (all here nothing sent out)
  • Print & Address and Sort inline while on our printing presses
  • Integrated with USPS for On Site E Verification allows us to take your mail right into any postal plant for processing
  • Tracking on just about all campaigns/jobs (some sizes do not have ability to be tracked) Each get their own url web landing page for you to access anywhere.
  • Knowledge and a deep Understanding of mail processing within the postal system allows us to Drop Ship or Priority Open & Ship Entry to assure the best results and more importantly, exceed your expectations. 
  • Electronic full service - seamless entry via our USPS Certifications at any USPS Facility
  • Most importantly: People - People make the difference! here and our commitment to your order drive us. 

See how our CMA Home Value Marketing Platform can provide any agent and advantage by checking out our latest blog article. At Waybetterpostcard, we don't just print materials; we craft experiences that resonate and endure. It is a competitive landscape for all of us in real estate marketing, why not leverage a partner that has this awareness. 

Why let your digital messages drown in the vast sea of online content? Elevate your real estate marketing game with the impactful touch of print products from Waybetterpostcard! In a world where online noise prevails, standing out becomes a strategic advantage. Leverage the power of print to ensure your listings not only grab attention but also linger in the minds of your audience.

Printed materials offer a tangible and memorable experience in the search for a home. Unlike digital communication that often gets lost in the virtual shuffle, print materials provide a natural and genuine connection with your audience. A well-crafted brochure can leave a lasting impression on your seller, captivate prospective buyers, and even pave the way for your next listing. Make an indelible mark with Waybetterpostcard's exceptional printed marketing materials.

Already have a brochure design in mind? We've got you covered upload and go form $1 -$1.75 each! Whether you want to utilize one of our templates from a selection of 17 different styles/configurations or need a custom design, Waybetterpostcard is your go-to printing partner. Explore our diverse brochure store by clicking here.

Our dedicated crew handles the entire process, from design to print, finishing and shipping, all under one roof. We don't just print; we contribute to the development of your brand. Need a logo, custom templates for flyers, printing listing and selling guides, or Agent Value brochures? We've got the expertise to bring your vision to life.

Discover the value of printed brochures in lead generation by checking out our latest blog article. Learn how this tangible aspect of marketing can significantly impact your success as a realtor. At Waybetterpostcard, we don't just print materials; we craft experiences that resonate and endure in the competitive landscape of real estate marketing.

OnDemand List Building Tools

Our Direct Mail Postcards and other mailed products have list building tools within them.. They range from mailing a list as it relates to a specific property you are featuring or an interactive mapping system geo driven by a radius or drawn polygon area with basic to advance data selects, or to a simple system that allows your list to be compiled based on property centric and/or demographic info, For example if you wanted to mail owner occupied properties where the owner has a Length of Residence (LOR)  7 years or more. Then we can select further, those that have a Loan To Value of 30% or less (or 70% of equity). You just decide the selects and then how many you want to mail. We compile the list assign to your order and your postcards are in the mail.

My Mailing List

We can place your mailing list -Farms, SOI, Event, Drip Campaigns , whatever you need directly in your account for you access to mail anytime. We maintain these list for you and you can update or send revise list in your account or on the fly when you order. 

Geo or Data Farming

We will compile a list for your frequently mailed Geo/Data Farms or SOI prospects  and maintain it in your account.. We can evaluate areas for you as far as data for turnover history, value appreciation/loss rates so that you have more info to consider when starting or adding a farm.

List Sales/Rental

If you want your own list to data mine or for your CRM or email campaign, even if your mailing with another partner, you'll find our data is the best.  Get Custom Count or Buy A List right now and download it .

Sought After List For Realtors

  • Foreign Embassy and Consulates in The U.S.  or in certain Metro Area.
  • Ultra Wealthy 1% Net Worth with Known Investments
  • Homeowners, with High Incomes & Equity in Their Homes
  • Chairman of the Board of Directors, At Home Address
  • Second and Vacation Home Investors & Qualified Prospects
  • More ideas Mailing List

Your Message, Your Audience, Our Passion.

Whether you are an established realtor or new to real estate, Print and Direct Mail Marketing Work! Like any marketing channel however, it has to be done correctly and consistently.  Having an Agent personal brochure is a must in todays competitive world. Differentiating yourself from others  regardless if it is a luxury listing or a $140K ranch home will give you an advantage. 

Maintain the standards of your team/group members. Lead by example and move your brand in the direction you want it to go.

Leverage our data platforms & networks

Currenly the average homeownerhas over $280,0000 in equity whihc is a record amount. Rates will return to the 25 year hsitorical averages of 4% -6.5%, and more descritonary proeprty upgrading, wiil re enter the market. Thus there’s a lot of incentive for sellers to make a move. Don't sit back and wait to read about it begin positioning yourself now.

Many agents offers a comparative market analysis (CMA) to inbound leads, this is your chance to really set yourself apart and provide a none invasive approach to inform your clients about their buying power - You have to see it in action CMA Home Value Marketing

Your Message, Your Audience, Our Passion.

Collaborate directly with our designers to cultivate a brand that establishes a strong connection with your clients and propels the growth of your real estate business. Once your brand is crafted, it becomes a consistent presence across all your listings, reinforcing your identity in the dynamic world of real estate.

Riders, Main Panels, Yard Signs, Posters and Display Graphics

Manufactured right here with UV Direct To Print technology.

Leverage your signage for the most brand recognition possible, even if your Event is this weekend!


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Easy to use Tools

Integrated List Builder Tools,  Custom Compiled, Stacked. We have it over 119 data partners with over 687,058 possible data driven options as well as simple Geo Farming or Trigger Marketing.

Integrated List Builder Tools,  Custom Compiled, Stacked. We have it over 119 data partners with over 687,058 possible data driven options as well as simple Geo Farming or Trigger Marketing.

Each mail piece has its own unique code, homeowners redeem online and within seconds they receive a personalized report with an automated value of their home and CMA relevant to their home all without entering any personal details.

Enterprise Solutions
Private Portals

Our Portals provide you with your very own branded real estate marketing products website, tailored to meet the needs of your organization. They are accessible on demand 24/7. All shipping and delivery dates are provided in real time, based on your order, location, and desired timeframe.

Branded Collateral Includes direct mail, brochures, factsheets, luxury marketing materials, and other printed materials.

My Designs: These are even more customized products that administrators or agents can save and quickly repurpose for another listing or mailing.

Admin -Portal Managers: Your marketing administrators can order on behalf of others and ensure that the order is placed in the agent's account. You can also set your own billing preferences.

List Manager/My List: This feature maintains each agent's mailing list(s) and is accessible directly within any direct mail product, such as Farm(s) or SOI

Documents: Invoices, UPS tracking information, postage receipts, direct mail tracking URLs, and other reports are conveniently located in one place.


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