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How To Order Brochures -Step by Step

These are step by step instruction for ordering Brochures or Flyers

How To Order Brochures -Video
How To Order Brochures – Video
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How To Order Direct Mail Postcards

How To Order Direct Mail Postcards – Video
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How To Order Your Postcards
Create a Mailing Campaign Using Your Saved Lists On File.
Where Do I Upload My Brochure File?

After you have made all your Configure & Build selections and have the Quantity you would like to order
– Select the Start Deign or Upload Button

On the next screen, select – Upload My Files.
The upload page will appears you and you browse or drag your file into the Uploaded area. Once your file is uploaded, it will display “COMPLETE”
– Select COMPLETE, and you will now see your order and the File Icon, in your shopping cart.

Continue to check out and you are Good To Go!

Mailing Lists

List Builder – Upload your Own List
List Builder – Use My List On File
What Is My Mailing List?

My Mailing List is our list manager platform built to help you maintain your mailing list. It is Simple and Straight Forward. We do all the work! Before each mailing and/or every 60 days, these lists are processed for accuracy, duplicate addresses removed, vacant homes, known deceased, both NCOA (USPS Change of Address system) as well as PCOA (a private change of address registry we subscribe to via the 3 largest credit bureaus). We can also suppress any names you might have on your Do Not Mail list (if you use). You can easily remove contacts by contacting us through your account “My Account & My Mailing List”. Create a new mailing list using our List Builder Platforms or Have Us Build a Custom List or Append records to you list- How long have they lived there, what is the LTV, Ages, etc…

  • Upload your SOI mailing lists have it cleaned, updated – Did someone move or pass away?
  • Add/Remove individual addresses to your SOI or Do Not Mail List
  • Choose multiple mailing lists for one mailer
  • Order List Insight – As your list is cleaned and processed for mailing, we generate possible leads – Vacant Homes, Deceased individuals and/or addresses in probate.
  • Have us append additional data or emails
List Builder – Closest Relevant Homes

1. Select Closest Relevant Homes- Option 1 (most popular)

2. Using the featured address of your card (or typed- in the “Configure” section) we will compile a list of real property (SFH or Multi-Dwelling depending the featured address).

3. Enter the QUANITY you want to mail for this campaign here, and continue.

4. You’ll return to “Configure & Price” to complete your other selections Order Quantity has been updated, however you can still change the total if you would like

List Builder- Map My Mail

1. Go To: Map My List

2. A new pop up window will open. This is where you can choose what method to define the Geo Area you want for your list. It defaults to Polygon

3. Now enter your starting point, Ether and address or Zip Code or neighbor and state or zip.

4. Then you want to Click “Map Area” and the platform will go that designated starting point.

5. When you are ready to start your Polygon and define your area for your list, Click > Start Polygon Selection from Gray Tool Bar.

6. With your mouse hover over where you want to start and to star left click.

7. Continue defining/selecting your boundaries.

8. Once you end points are connected you will see your area highlighted in the red. You can always you your scroll bar and zoom tools.

9. We offer various types of real estate centric data filters.

10. Review your choices here but have preset default with our recommendations. If you want telephone number on average 60% of those you selected will be available and there might be an additional charge of $0.05-0.08 each. You are only billed on those phone records appended

11. 38
In this example we selected Homeowners only by selecting that Category (above) and then from the dropdown selected > Homeowners on the left and then used ADD> in the middle to include that filter in our list

12. We also selected > Length of Residence in this example and chose those with two or more years owning this home. Simply click the first line, in our case “Two Years” line holding down the “ALT key” go down and click/add additional filters until you have the selection you would like. Then select > ADD in the Middle

13. When all your data filters are completed the select > Next on the bottom (if you don’t see use your gray scroll bar on the right as in previous notes)

14. The system will pull those address that match all your Geo and data filters

15. Once the count is ready it will be displayed. In our example 265 homes matched all our criteria.

16. If you want to adjust your count less than what was pulled (changed to 200) you can type in a lessor quantity in the > “Desired” box than then > Update. Note 100 is the minimum for this database. if you want more you would have to go > BACK or and either change your data filters (i.e. add back in all years of ownership) or increase your polygon area or start over.

17. Once you accept your count (we kept all 265 in our example) then select >NEXT from the bottom menu, If you don’t see, you can you the larger scroll on the right as previously noted.

18. Within a few seconds you will back to your Configure menu, the total count will automatically populate your quantity for the order. Make your other product selections, size, paper etc. and you are all set. Click the blue Start and upload or design online button to upload your PDF art file or use one of our templates.

List Builder- Subdivision Tool

1. From – Select List Option > Subdivision

2. The Metro DC-MD-VA database selector will open. Start by selecting the “State” where the subdivision is located, then select the City and State

3. When your top Geo Selects are done, a drop down will appear with all the subdivisions and to the right you can select the types of properties you want as well

4. Three streets are in that subdivision and the block ranges will appears as well as the house type and the count for the Block/Street. The total was 64

5. Also wanted was “ALTA VISTA TERRACE” for this mailing so after selecting Alta Vista (or if it was already selected) I held down the “ALT” key on keyboard and selected “ALTA VISTA TERRECE” Note a few subdivisions will span 2 different zip codes. If you want both zip codes, you would make your initial selections then go back up to and change State, City, Zip again and add to your current list.

6. Now below you will the original selection and then the add or addition subdvivon with its Block and Street details. My quantity has increased to “307” as well.

7. DELETE A BLOCK/STREET – To edit or delete a block and street on the left is a trashcan/delete button, once selected it will remove that from your count and list.

8. When finished select in the blue tab > Let’s Continue
The database will close, Your count total will populate the quantity for your order.

List Builder – Condo/Apt Counts

1. Select Condo / Apt Counts from dropdown

2. First select: Apartments (RENTALS) or Condos (Condos, Co-Ops other types of multi-dwellings) then make your Geo Selects: State, City and Zip of the buildings you want to target for your mailing

3. Once your Geo Selects are complete, a drop down will appear you can select from.

4. When you have competed your selection, Click “Let’s Continue”

5. You will return to the Configure product area to finish your build/specs. Your order total has been updated.

List Builder – Real Estate Data Filters

1. Select Real Estate Data Filters

2. Two options appear – Use Geographic Area (most popular). Type in any description of the area you want to target for your mailing. Blocks-/Streets- Neighborhoods- Subs, Buildings, Zip Code etc.

3. Your first area will contain some predetermined database we have setup to compile or for Custom- Build My Own. These our ideal for agent marketing.

4. Life Stages – We can compile a list based on these popular stages in life.

5. Custom- Build My Own will provide you some real estate centric data
using both property and demographic filters

6. Additional Data Filers – Custom- Build My Own.

7. Your budget will determine the Quantity to be mailed. There are often more targets than budget dollars, this tool will allow you to easily determine you list total and then continue.

8. You’ll return to the “Configure Product” section to finish your product build The Quantity total at the the bottom, will be updated (you can adjust it here as well.

List Builder – Absentee/Renters (SFH)

1. You can choose between Absentee (Non Owner Occupant / Investors) or Presumed renters of real property (not large commercial rentals)

2. Make your property and demographic selections

What Is Use My List On File

Use one of your list or multiple lists we have on file for you in our list manager platform

– My Mailing List. We can build, manage, maintain, and update all your mailing lists – Geo Farms, SOI, Seller Direct/Golden Letters, Do Not Mail and more! Access this via your account page (Menu up top > “My Account”), then open > “My Mailing List” on the left. Here you can see the list name, number of addresses in that list and download that list. You can add or delete records, upload any updated list or even order a new list or request a count.

Defining Your Audience – List Building

Choose the combination that best aligns with their marketing goals and budget.

Our comprehensive mailing list and data services offer a range of Audience Approach and Personalization options tailored to meet the diverse needs of real estate agents aiming to enhance their print and mail campaigns for lead generation.

In terms of Audience Approach, clients can choose to target all property owners, both occupied and non-occupied, within their specified geographic area for effective Geo Farming. Alternatively, they may opt for more specific targeting, focusing on occupied property owners, non-occupied property owners (such as absentee or investor owners), or a combination of both at site and tax invoice addresses. These choices come with varying price per piece considerations, providing flexibility to align with marketing strategies and budget constraints.

On the Personalization front, clients can select from default options like “Current Resident” or opt for increased personalization by including owner names or premium options, offering detailed variations in addressing recipients. This versatile array of options allows real estate professionals to tailor their mailing lists precisely to their target audience while accommodating different levels of personalization to maximize campaign impact.

Audience Approach:

All Property Owners (Occupied & Non-Occupied) at Site Address (Popular with Geo Farming)
• Description: Target all property owners, whether they live on the property or not, within your specified geographic area.
• Pricing: No Pricing Impact Occupied Property Owners at Site Address (area with property values 5mil +)
• Description: Focus on property owners who live on the property within your target area.
• Pricing: May impact price per piece ($0.01 – $0.04) area and property values. Non-Occupied Property Owners (Absentee or Investor Owners) at Site Address
• Description: Target property owners who do not live on the property within your target area.
• Pricing: May impact price per piece ($0.08 – $0.11) due to the specific audience. All Property Owners (Occupied & Non-Occupied) at Tax Invoice Address (Data Farming)
• Description: Reach property owners at their tax invoice address, irrespective of their physical location.
• Pricing: May impact price per piece ($0.04 – $0.06). All Property Owners at Site Address & Tax Invoice Address & Including Presumed Renters
• Description: Target both occupied and non-occupied property owners at both their site and tax invoice addresses.
• Pricing: May impact price per piece ($0.04 – $0.06) and increase total quantity.
(Don’t miss anyone!)

Personalization Options:

Default No-Personalization (Current Resident or *Neighbor)
• Description: Standard non-personalized mail with a generic recipient title.
• Pricing: No price per piece impact. Main Owner First & Last Name Personalization
• Description: Personalize the mail with the first and last name of the property owner.**
• Pricing: Estimated impact of $0.03 – $0.05 per piece. Premium Personalization
• Description: In-depth personalization** with multiple name options or trust details.
• Pricing: Estimated impact of $0.04 – $0.05 per piece. Popular for Data Farming.
First Name Owner 1 & First Name Owner 2 w/Identical Last Name
First Name Owner 1 & Last Name Owner 1
First Name Owner 2 & Last Name Owner 2
Trust = Smith Residence or Smith Family
Trust = Trustee Name if Verified
*In certain postal areas, “Neighbor” used as the addressee name is acceptable. Place an inquiry, and we will find out.
**Regardless of personalization selections, all lists will contain some Current Resident addressee names, as a verified name is not always possible.

Change of Address

If you are using personalization in your address records, it is important to keep in mind the actions or rules you want taken when a CHANGE OF ADDRESS is reported for that record (or any record on your list).

As your prospects or consumers move, many (76%) will fill out a change of address form online or at their local Post Office. As a result, USPS will apply that move, and mail will now be forwarded to their new address. We access this information online 24/7 from the USPS server via batch processing when we validate any mailing list.

We also utilize a private move compiler (5 data compilers, 3 of which are the largest credit information reporting firms) for those who do not fill out a USPS Change of Address Form.

If your mailing address is not personalized, this usually has little effect. However, if you are using personalization and your target has moved, the question now becomes: Do you want to follow that person and now mail to them at their new address? Often the answer will vary, and more specifically, in our world of lead generation for listings, it will vary between the types of lists you have.

For Geo-Farming (and some data farms), generally, your focus is on the property site. So when the owner moves, normally you do not want to follow them but remain marketing to the new owner. Thus, you can continue your hyper-local marketing efforts.

If the list is based on your client or sphere (SOI list), you might want to follow them. These might be relationships you want to maintain and thus remain in contact at touch points with these contacts regardless of where they moved to.

Keep this in mind and communicate to us how you want your data maintained.

List – Finding The Subdivision From Property Address

How To Order Direct Mail Postcards – Video
This will open in a new tab/window. You can close after
viewing and continue with your order.

List Builder – Closest Relevant Homes – Advanced

1. Closest Relevant Homes – Option 2 w/data filters

2. Select Option 2, if you want an alternative area to mail or if you want to add additional real estate centric data filers to your audience

3. Here you can 1) Change the area that you want to Mail 2) Use our custom compiler “Likely to List” or 3) Choose your own data filters

4. Make your selections here

5. Enter the quantity you want to mail for this campaign, and continue

6. Continue to Configure your card build. The quantity has been updated. You can change the quantity here aswell


Payments & Billing Info

Payment is required for all orders and is accepted with any valid major credit card.

  1. Payment can me made by entering your Credit Card Info at Checkout or if you have a credit card saved in your online account it will appear as a  selection. Credit card details – credit card type, credit card number, cardholder name, expiration date, and security code and billing address.
  2. If you have a billing account with our office you can select Billing/Invoice Account.
  3. BOTH – You may have have both of these payment options active. If you are placing orders via email, express products, your company’s marketing department or a third party of your choosing, that does not enter your credit card or use a saved card card at checkout, then you are required to have a billing account with our office. As of 1/1/24 no orders will advance without payment received or a valid Billing/Invoice Account.

Online AccountCredit Card

Saving a Credit Card in your Online Account
From My Account section  on the left navigate to > Addresses Confirm: Enter or Edit your billing address using the blue edit icon to the left, Next proceed to Payment Methods directly below: Follow the direction there to enter and save a credit card(s) for use at checkout. When you are in checkout and ready to make payment, that stored card{s} will appear.> Select it as a your method for this order and agree to terms and  Checkout! (Note: you will also have an option there to use another card via entering if desired as well at this prompt)
Update Your Stored/Save Card 
From My Account section  on the left navigate to > Payment Methods Follow the direction there to Update or Add New Credit card to your online account
Entering  your Credit Card at checkout one time use 
You dont have to store or save a credit card,. At checkout simply select  credit card option  (you will see credit card icons)  you can enter your credit card information there for one time use.

Billing/Invoice AccountCredit Card on File

If you have or would like to have our billing department process your payment instead of directly paying at checkout, you can use/create a Billing Account.  Your order is processed an invoice is then generated.  Once your order has left our facility (shipped, mailed etc. or if a deposit) then the invoice is processed for payment by our office with  the valid credit card on file,  you have authorized us to use. Credit card details required – credit card type, credit card number, cardholder name, expiration date, and security code
Update or Open a Billing Account

Update My Billing/Invoice Account

Access Your Billing/Invoice Account Online

You can view your Billing/Invoice account in detail anytime by entering your login at https://inmarkmedia.gotomyaccounts.com/login

Product Questions

Choosing the Right Postcard Size for Your Direct Mail Campaign

Considerations for Choosing the Perfect Postcard Size

If you can effectively get your message across to the recipient in a 4.25 x 5.5 postcard, and you are comfortable with the “impact” then choose this option, as it is the most cost-effective card to manufacture and mail. Space:
If your message is better served by using more space, then choose either the 9 x 6 or 11 “x 5.5” options. Keep in mind the cost to manufacture/produce the 8.5x 5.5. or 6 x 9 is less than the 6 x 11; however, the postage for both will be the same. Make an Impact:
If you really want your piece to stand out in the mailbox, and your budget allows, you may want to look at the 11 x 8.5 size. It is the most expensive to print and mail, but it will definitely stand out. When you invest in a large postcard, you’re making sure you introduce yourself boldly. Large mailings are great for special offers, the first mailing in a series of postcards and simply if you want to grab attention and stand out from your competitors.

Standard Sizes

Standard Postcard (4.25” x 5.5”):
With the least amount of space for content, this postcard is compact and optimal for simple, straight-to-the-point designs. It qualifies for a true first-class postcard rate. Jumbo (8.5″ x 5.5″):
It is hard to match the versatility of a 5.5″ x 8.5″ Jumbo Real Estate Postcard. It allows ample space to display high-quality larger images featuring a listing/sale. Often in smaller images details can be lost. Super Jumbo “6”x 9″:
This size offers the most versatility often. Popular for just about any real estate agent postcard campaign it is appealing as it can allow for more creative options, just due to its size. Panoramic 11″x 5.5″:
Almost the largest on the market that still qualifies for USPS “Letter Rate” this has been our favorite for real estate postcards at least when used along with the Jumbo. Tall Panoramic 6” x 11”:
Generally the largest on the market that qualifies for Letter Rate by USPS, the Tall Panoramic is very similar to the above Panoramic. Offers even greater versatility with larger proportions. The Giant 11″ x 8.5:
Reach prospects or clients and make a huge impact! At 8.5″x11″ these postcards get you noticed, both in the mailbox and when shuffled and reviewed.

Custom Sizes/Options

If you don’t see the size you want:

  • If you are Ready To Go and Have your Own Art File, place your order using the NEXT SIZE UP. For example, if you want a 5″x7″ postcard then select our 8.5″x5.5″ Jumbo. Make all your other selections, Enter your QUANTITY, and place your order. Unfortunately, most of the time, there is no cost saving we can extend as our sizes already take into account sheet size optimization and yield, but if we can we will; otherwise, this allows you to get mailing started! If there are any issues we will reach out, and if we cannot accommodate the order, we will refund your payments made, in full.
  • Don’t see a size or other option and want a QUOTE:
    • USE: Get A Quote:
    • If you would like a quote for a custom card and you don’t see a certain size, or finish, or paper, etc. – Select the closest size and then make the closest other selections you can including QUANTITY, so we know how many you need, and SELECT GET A QUOTE (rather than upload or design). A form will open – Confirm a few items in the Notes section place those requirements/needs you have for your cards, or any special need for this mailer. Send. We will get the info back to you usually within 1-2 hours.

    About Us

    WayBetterPostcard is uniquely positioned at the intersection of cutting-edge technology and industry expertise to help you exceed your marketing goals. Our full-service facility has all data, print, finishing and mailing equipment “Under One Roof”. Linking these various machines with a single level of software has provided customers with everything from data processing and fulfillment to personalized hi-touch luxury campaigns at incredible value.

    Our industry-leading quality is aided by the newest graphic advancements, such as our integrated “On The Fly – Fiery software” – this offers some of the highest-caliber print quality across the broadest range of media for every job. We are a bonded List broker with relationships that span over 26 different compliers. To make a meaningful impression at the mailbox, leverage the unparalleled expertise and technology of WayBetterPostcard to create the perfect direct mail campaign.

    Door Hangers

    What sizes are available?
    Our custom printed door hangers are available in two sizes: 3-1/2″W x 8-1/2″H and 4”W x 11”H.

    Are templates available for Door Hangers?
    Yes, downloadable templates that include all of the proper margins, bleeds, and sidelines are available in the Design Guidelines Tab.

    What paper stocks and weights are available?
    We offer door hanger printing on two coated stocks and in a variety of point weights. When choosing a point weight, remember that the larger the number, the thicker the stock. Learn more: Small Format Paper Stocks, Coated Paper Stocks vs. Uncoated Paper Stocks, Text Weight vs. Cover Weight

    What margins are required for Door Hangers?
    We prefer a safe zone margin of 0.25″ an a minimum of .125” should be left from all edges.
    HOLE AREA (Die Cut): While we dont recommend, content can be included in the top portion where the hole and slit will be, it should be limited to the top corners and not placed around where the hole will be.Due to the variable nature of the manufacturing process, we cannot guarantee that the hole will be in the same place every single time. Therefore, at least .25” or 1/4” of margin should be left around the hole

    Can the position of the hole be moved?
    No, not for this product, however use this product to configure and request a “custom quote” see tab at rught under configure and build w

    Will the holes fit all doorknobs?
    The size of the hole was determined to fit the most common doorknob stems. The slit allows the Door Hanger to be placed on various sizes of knobs, handles, and even latch-style doors.

    Do you want crop marks included with the print PDF for Door Hangers?
    No we would rather not have crop marks or color registration bars just the art file WITH THE BLEED

    I’m looking to print door hangers for specific addresses, do you offer variable printing?
    Yes, we do offer variable printing, but it requires a custom quote.

    Can I add a coating or laminate to my door hangers?
    You can finish and protect your door hangers with one of our UV coatings or laminates like gloss, matte and soft touch.

    How Do I Set Up A Booklet?

    Booklets are a little more complex. Also, if you have artwork you created from another company, it might not meet all requirements. For best results have your designer or yourself, follow the guidelines below

    Here are guidelines/rules to follow when creating your Booklets:
    • Page counts start on the cover as page 1, inside cover as page 2 and so on.
    • Total bleed is 0.125” and total Safety is 0.25” for Saddle Stitched and Any Coil Bound
    • Total bleed is 0.125” and total Safety is 0.50” for Perfect Bound
    • Only single pages will be accepted. NO readers OR printers spreads please. This allows us to set up your crossovers properly.

    For example, a (12) page – 8.5×11 booklet with bleed
    should be a single (multipage) PDF file with – (12) 8.75×11.25 pages total. The first page is the Front Cover and the last page is the Back Cover.

    How Do I Set Up A Wire Spiral Notebook

    Keep in mind, the Wire Spiral Binding on the side will effect your page layout. Generally about 3/8″ to 1/2″ should be allocated for this on the covers and inside pages
    (if you are submitting your own inside page deign rather then selecting – Blank- College Ruled or Dots) .  For best results have your designer or yourself, follow the guidelines below and you are deigns template as a reference

    Here are guidelines/rules to follow when creating your Booklets:
    • Page counts start on the cover as page 1, inside cover as page 2 and so on.
    • Total bleed is 0.125” and total Safety is 0.25” for Saddle Stitched and Any Coil Bound
    • Spiral Coil will use 3/8″ to 1/2″ on the side for punch and bind.

    • Only single pages will be accepted. NO readers OR printers spreads please. This allows us to set up your crossovers properly.

    For example, a (12) page – 8.5×11 booklet with bleed
    should be a single (multipage) PDF file with – (12) 8.75×11.25 pages total. The first page is the Front Cover and the last page is the Back Cover.

    How Do I Set Up Envelopes?

    Text and images should be at least 0.25″ from the edge.
    Full color backgrounds should be avoided.

    Use a white backgrounds with low ink coverage (e.g. logo and text only).
    Avoid or limit use of transparencies and gradients.
    For window envelopes, the window area must be free of ink.

    For Digital Envelopes:
    4/0 = Full Color Front
    4/4 = Full Color Front and Full Color on Back Flaps
    0/4 = Full Color on Back flaps

    How Do I Set Up Pages For Saddle Stitch Printing?

    For your Saddle Stitch Booklet, please provide a single pdf file that includes your cover and interior pages.

    We request that the file be sent as single pages, in one multi-page PDF. Please include the pages in this order:

    Outside front cover
    Inside front cover
    Page one
    Page two
    Page three
    Page etc.
    Inside back cover
    Outside back cover

    Thus, when the pages are printed and assembled they will appear as below:

    Please Note: Uploading a single-page PDF file does not mean uploading
    one PDF for each page. It means all the pages in your PDF file should
    be single pages not as spreads or facing pages.

    How Should I Set Up Folded Note Cards?

    For a folded note cards card, please send your artwork as shown if possible.

    Designer & Templates

    Aligning Elements in the Designer
    Basic Text Information
    Copy and Paste Text
    Save Designs in your Account


    Contact Areas within Templates
    How to Edit Templates in the Designer
    Save Designs in your Account
    Selecting a Template
    Uploading and Placing Images in Templates

    Help Videos:

    Play Video