Q.Do I get to approve my postcard design before you print it?

Yes 100%. We will email your postcard design within 24-36 hours for your approval.

Q.Can I order postcard samples?

Certainly, in the calculator section click the bottom box "Please Send 20 Sample Cards". They will be sent to your billing address

Q.Why is your postcard pricing so low?

Do NOT confuse our low prices with low quality! Our prices are so low because we utilize automated mailing software which allows us to reduce postage costs. In addition we have advanced printing and mailing facility which saves us a ton. We simply pass those savings onto you. We are the lowest cost, highest quality real estate postcard partner and we will beat any competitors price guaranteed!

Q.What size should my photos be?

Megapixels or the highest resolution your digital camera can take! If you're using a scanner use 300+ DPI. If you are taking your picture try and stand in front of a white wall for your full-body shot, so its easy to cut you out. Do not drag photos off the web - they will be 72 dpi (low quality!)

Q.Do you recommend I follow your postcard design exactly?

Absolutely Not! Here at waybetterpostcard / inmark media, we aren't just trying to sell you postcards to turn a profit, we want you to be successful. If every real estate agent mailed out the same "free consultation" or "free CMA offer" it gets played out. Yes, our prospecting post cards are proven effective to grab prospects attention and make you stand out as the star, YES offering a free CMA / consultation is still effective but we recommend adding your own unique "Call-to-Action" AKA special offer with a touch of your personality, besides... who knows your real estate market better then you?

Q.Can you score and fold my cards?

Yes. Conventional products such as the greeting card double and triple products include the score and fold as part of the base printing price. For our custom products we can score and fold your order for you at the rate of $10 per 1000 ($10 minimum) per fold. In some cases, due to limitations of our bindery process, we can score your card, but not complete the fold (Please note that we cannot score AND fold a Standard Postcard - less than 5" x 7"). You will be informed if your order falls into this category.

Q.What is the required bleed?

Our bleed is 1/8" (.125") along each edge, or, a total 1/4" (.25") to each overall dimension (i.e. 4.25" + .25" = 4.5"). Unlike most printers, we require that you build your files to BLEED SIZE, rather than trim size. This is due to the nature of our production process.

Q.What if my cards don't bleed?

We will try to figure it out

Q.Can I print on a custom size?

Yes. We can trim to sizes as small as 2" x 2". please contact a us for a special quote

Q.How do I prepare press-ready files for custom trim products?

Simply add .125" to each dimension of your custom trim digital layout to arrive at the required bleed size. Example: a 5" x 7" would have a bleed size of 5.25" x 7.25". (1/6" or .125 on all sides to the 5" x7" final trim size)

Q.Can I take a photo from a website and use it for my design?

No, we do not recommend taking photos from websites. The images you see online are typically 72 DPI, which is way too low to produce the high-quality postcards.

Q.What if I want changes made to a design?

We really need your input so try to be as detailed and specific as you can

Q.Can I choose which date I want my post cards mailed out?

Yes! If you would like to plan ahead you can set the date for your cards to be mailed. This is very useful of you're the type who likes to plan ahead! Spring, Holidays, Farming / Prospecting Cards.... Just set it and forget it!

Q.Can two real estate agents share a postcard?

Yes! EVERY postcard can be shared to by two agents or a mortgage banker or other real estate professionals! We suggest you let us help you with that. It can be tricking sending out different messages Sharing is a great way to reduce marketing costs.

Q.What type of paper (stock) will my postcards be printed on?

We use a premium stock call Tango or Endurance Gloss. It is 12 pt or 14pt thick and is a true card stock on all our  real estate postcards. We use full-color (CMYK) and we give it an extra shinny coating (UV- charges apply) for a beautiful gloss finish. You'll be very impressed.

Q.Do you offer postcards featuring multiple properties?

Yes, we do! We have Just Sold Postcards & Just Listed Postcards featuring multiple property photos or Proof of Results Postcards. If you don't see a template or layout you like we will make one for you! You can also mix and match just listed and just sold properties on the same real estate postcard.

Q.If I use your mail service, will I ever see my postcards?

Yes! There are always a few postcards that will be returned to your office due to undeliverable addresses (3 out of 1,000 on average.) We do our best to update moves, deceased, vacant  home  and other issues but timing can play a role.

Q.What is Accutrace Mail Tracking?

We embed a special code into to each of the new style (IMB) barcodes. When your mail travels through various machines and equipment at the USPS processing, sorting and often times delivery units it is scanned. Those scans are complied on to a personalized website for each of your mailing campaigns. It's not really like a Fed Ex Tracking number ( but it gives a good indication of where you mail is and when it will hit in your prospect mail box.

Q.Can I use my own postcard design?

Yes, just email or upload it to us, or we can customize one for you, free.

Q.If I order just postcards - no mail service, how do they ship?

We use our own delivery service or UPS ground shipping which normally takes 1-3 days.

Q.What type of printing press does waybetterpostcard use?

We use the highest-quality High Resolution Digital Imaging. Producing quality at 1200x2400 dpi with all color and control possibilities will give you a great card. Our Signs are printed on grand format equipment with 2600 x 2400 resolution. Our envelopes are produced on either 1200 x1 200 or 600 x 600 presses.

Q.Can I use my own mailing permit?

Yes, we can print your mail permit on your postcards.. Note: we will provide mail service under 3rd party permits, but make sure your permit is valid and you have made your deposits or given us a check to deposit..

Q.Can I use my own property pictures?

Yes, every real estate postcard has their own layout that determines the amount of properties that can be shown.

Q.Can I use my photos from MRIS?

We don't recommend using web photos. Instead use the ones that were on the camera that took those photos you uploaded to MRIS. Our i-Design Editor will even tell you if the photo is low quality.

Q.What format does my picture/logo have to be?

Any format, the largest size your digital camera or scanner can make. For logos try to obtain both  a standard one and one that allows for transparency in case you want it over a conflicting color.

Q.I want my photo cropped (cut out) for my postcard what do I do?

Either use the tool located in the editor or tell us how you want it cropped in the upload comments section.

Q.I have a great photo for my head shot but it's not cropped, can you help?

Yes, just upload your picture and we will do the rest.

Q.What if I don't like any of the post cards designs you offer?

It is no problem We will design your card with as many revisions as you want until you are satisfied completely.

Q.How do I approve my real estate postcard design?

We email or upload your design within 2-24 hours for your approval. We will not print/ship/mail until your postcards until you approve.

Q.How long will it take to receive my order?

1-2 business days for proofs via email, and after you approve the proof, we will print and ship your post cards within 1-2 business days.

Q.How much do postcards cost to mail?

We include the postage and the mailing services all in one total postcard marketing package. We are the complete real estate postcard marketing solution. We can email a copy of the electronic submission form (E3602) that is your actual postal receipt.

Q.Can you get a mailing list for me?

Many for realtors are available - Mapped, Neighborhood or Subdivision are the basic up to Predictive Analytics, High Equity/Length of Residence. We are certified list brokers and have access to over 3,000 list that often have 10-40 selects each!. Let's discuss this because, THE LIST is very important to any campaign and is essential to  the campaign.

Q.How long will it take before my postcards reach my prospects?

Most lead generating real estate postcards are mailed marketing (STD) class mail and will arrive in 1-4 days after the order is placed if mailed to the immediate Metro Washington DC area. Average delivery time for West & East Coast mailings is 4-7 business days. Average delivery time on orders placed elsewhere in the country is 7-10 business days. Holidays, weekends, and postal delivery guideline can also affect delivery date. Larger cards Over 6"x 11 may take a few more days as they are processed on different USPS equipment. Delivery times are not guaranteed.

Q.Are the addresses in your Mailing Lists Good?

Yes and to ensure the highest level of addressing accuracy for your mailing, our system uses updated address data from a leading national provider, which compiles this information from public records and databases and CASS certifies it for accuracy. We are checking on NCOA ( moves) , Deceased records, Vacant, Seasonal etc. with each list.

Q.What format does my database file have to be in for me to be able to upload it into your system?

To work in our system, your database only has to be Excel (no carriage returns), CSV (Comma Delimited Format) or Text (TXT). You can only have one record in each field. Call us if you have any questions or are exporting from Top Producer etc.

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