How to Use Condo/Apt Counts Tool

1. Select Condo / Apt Counts from dropdown

2. First select: Apartments (RENTALS) or Condos (Condos, Co-Ops other types of multi-dwellings) then make your Geo Selects: State, City and Zip of the buildings you want to target for your mailing

3. Once your Geo Selects are complete, a drop down will appear you can select from.

4. When you have competed your selection, Click "Let's Continue"

5. You will return to the Configure product area to finish your build/specs. Your order total has been updated.

6. Now below you will the original selection and then the add or addition subdvivon with its Block and Street details. My quantity has increased to "307" as well.

7. DELETE A BLOCK/STREET - To edit or delete a block and street on the left is a trashcan/delete button, once selected it will remove that from your count and list.

8. When finished select in the blue tab > Let's Continue. The database will close, Your count total will populate the quantity for your order.