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4.25" x 5.50" - A2
4.50" x 6.25" - A6
5" x 7" - A7
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14pt Coated Front, Uncoated Back
Coated on one side
16pt Mohawk Super Smooth
100lb Classic Crest Linen
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14 pt. Coated Front, Uncoated Back

14pt Coated Front Paper Most popular for folded note cards and perfect if you have an image or solid color or logo. Back can easily be written on.

16 pt. Mohawk Super Smooth

16pt Mohawk Paper Ideal for personal stationary. Both sides uncoated and can be written on. Not so good for pictures, images, or logos.

Classic Crest Linen DC

Classic Crest Linen Double Cover. Premium Linen. Not for pictures, images, or logos.

Matching Envelopes

matching note card envelopes Would you like to add blank or preprinted returns address envelopes for your folded note cards? Easy to to just select add envelopes above.

Make a Statement with folded note cards

There’s hardly a more effective method to stay connected with your clients throughout the year. Additionally, make sure to utilize them for invitations, announcements, parties, open houses, thinking of you and to express gratitude. Another important point to consider is sending out postcard or newsletters or updates regularly. We strongly suggest employing them strategically to reinforce your brand and remain top of mind with your clients. Furthermore, all custom folded cards come with envelope options both matching blank or printed. Therefore, simply sign, fold, and stuff, and you are well on your way to making a strong, memorable impression. Ultimately, it’s about maintaining consistent communication and showing appreciation for your clients’ support.

Easy to use printed note card templates

Our free templates save time. Additionally, they feature popular layouts used by agents. Moreover, we assure accurate printing as we set up for bleeds and margins. Just drop in your content or images, and we’ll print note cards and ship to you. Our low quantity minimums are ideal for marketing yourself to others. Furthermore, we can print on the back flap if needed. We suggest ordering your cards here and then envelopes separately from our Stationery category. Finally, a hand-written note on personalized stationery with your name, logo, or custom design will go a long way in making a good impression with your clients.

 Add A Personal Touch

Referrals are a significant source for acquiring new listings or clients. Use folded note cards to add a personal touch to your correspondence. This “touch” is often one of the most effective. We can even mail these for you in matching envelopes. Invitations, announcements, or any correspondence can be personalized as well, for example, “Dear Wendy & Tom.” Additionally, custom note cards allow you to express your gratitude more sincerely.. Available in Direct Mail Note Cards.

Printing Time (3pm EST cut off time)

This is the time our facility requires to produce your order before it is ready for shipment or pick up. We calculate it in business days (Monday – Friday), after you submit your order and/or approve your proof if requested.
  • Standard Service -Firstly, for Standard Service – We complete orders submitted by 3 pm on a business day (not delivered) by the end of the second business day. Larger brochures over 6 Pages might require the second business day.
  • Next Day – Additionally, for Next Day – We complete orders submitted by 3 pm on a business day (not delivered) by the end of the next business day. Larger brochures over 6 Pages might require an additional business day.
  • Same Day – Furthermore, for Same Day – We complete orders submitted by 10 am on a business day by the end of the business day

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Real Estate Marketing Professional leverage these folded note cards to unequivocally demonstrate their commitment to sellers. Moreover, our brochures boast double-sided printing with vibrant full-color and high-resolution printing presses. Additionally, upon delivery, they are neatly folded in half, ready for your marketing endeavors. We provide an array of styles and sizes, all incorporating four distinct pages for property photos, images, content, or floor plans. Furthermore, there’s abundant space for your branding content, ensuring consistency that sets you apart and facilitates stronger connections with potential listings. Leverage folded note cards to accentuate client-centric features like 3D Tours and Floorplans. Moreover, Matterport products now offer illustrations seamlessly integrated into your printed collateral. The data from Matterport demonstrates that homes utilizing a diverse range of media platforms for marketing (omni-channel) tend to sell faster and command higher prices. For further insights, read more here  

Folded Note Cards For Agents

Flat 5.5″ wide x 8.5″ tall Folded 5.5″x 4.25″
A2 folded note cards, particularly in landscape orientation, our the most popular!, Serving as a powerful marketing tool for real estate agents. Moreover, this format notably provides them to present properties in a visually appealing and well-organized manner. Typically, real estate brochures prominently feature high-quality property photos, providing detailed information on features and amenities. Consequently, this comprehensive information effectively serves to assist potential buyers or renters in gaining a deeper understanding. Additionally, ample space for detailed insights can be provided as the brochure unfolds to a generous 17″ when open and flat.
Flat 11″ wide x 17″ tall Folded (4) 8.5″x11″ Pages
Measuring 11″ wide and 17″ tall adopting a landscape orientation, the folded note cards emulate the structure of a calendar. Unfolding gracefully, this format is meticulously designed to accentuate the front elevation image on the cover, making it an indispensable tool for spotlighting your listings. Additionally, upon delving deeper, you’ll discover a seamless integration of high-resolution photos and captivating content. Furthermore, this integration serves as a testament to your marketing acumen, seamlessly weaving together to showcase your property. Esteemed within the real estate community, this brochure stands out for its unparalleled ability to present properties in a visually captivating and impeccably organized manner. Moreover, each brochure consistently features top-tier property photography, accompanied by meticulously detailed information on features and amenities.
LuxLine Portrait Premium Flat 22″ Wide
Our LuxLine Portrait Premium represent the epitome of our Bi-Fold lineup. Additionally, this 4-page gem unfolds expansively at 22″ like a “coffee table book,” offering ample space for panoramic images that enhance your listing. Furthermore, the cover is perfect for featuring the front elevation image. Moreover, inside, a harmonious blend of your Hi-Res Photos and compelling content accentuates your marketing prowess. Furthermore, as a bona fide luxury marketing tool, it elevates your listing presentation with visually appealing and elegant flair. Additionally, real estate brochures regularly showcase top-notch property photos, alongside detailed descriptions of features and amenities. Furthermore, this product is also offered in a smaller format, measuring 5.5″ x 17″.
Templates Easy to use Various Styles/Layouts.
Explore, our diverse selection of templates tailored to meet your specific needs. Additionally, upload your property photos and customize your layout seamlessly through our user-friendly online design software. Furthermore, choose from an array of brokerage and realtor-centric logos or upload your own for a personalized touch. Designing your folded note cards has never been this intuitive and convenient.