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Different Art Files Front & Back
The Front & Back are different art files. Example: Directional Sign, with Left facing arrow on Front and Right facing arrow on back.
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4mm CoroPlast
10mm CoroPlast
10mil flute center
16pt Tango White Cardboard
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Real Estate Yard Signs

Drive more traffic towards an open house or event! Real Estate Yard Signs are the perfect advertising solution for any agent or brokerage. With ample space for your messaging and plenty of room for your branding content, you will ensure the consistency that sets you apart and will make an impact with your sellers and potential sellers, when they see the efforts you deploy to market properties. These signs give you the power to instantly grab the attention of a passersby. Brokers or Agents, often use real estate yard signs as an effective way to market their listings or provide as a “directional” to lead prospects to your Open House.

High Quality Full Color UV Printing:

  • 18″ Tall x 24″ Wide Directional – Most Popular
  • 4mm or 10mm corrugated plastic – stakes available
  • More opaque finish & weather-resistant material
  • No Minimums
  • Special Request Get a Quote or – Send us a note
Direct potential buyers, and demonstrate to your seller that you are a marketing professional thats has complete coverage.

Details/How To Order

Corrugated Plastic is the most popular material for real estate yard signs and we offer both 4mm (most popular) and 10mm. This durable and versatile outdoor signage solution delivers instant value at a low cost.
  • Print – Your  Real Estate Yard signs  on one side or both sides (single or double sided)
  • One or Two Art Files – They can have the same design on both sides or different designs on each side (i.e. directionals have 2 different arrows).
  • Stakes – If you need stake you can order right here
Three unique features -combine in our process that add quality and value that most others sign makers don’t mention- Ours are WayBetter!
  • Material – our Coroplast is more opaque than most – that means it is less transparent, a great benefit for this type of outdoor signage application
  • Method – Hi Tech flatbed printers, digitally print your content/design, directly on the material using UV Inks, You will notice a difference immediately especially with solid colors. Others makers use lower cost methods – silk screening or transferring the image.
  • Finish – often up to 10% smoother than most others, thus less impact from the sign “ribs”
Ordering custom corrugated plastic signs online right here is easy. Make each selection above in Configure & Price Builder, Enter how many you want to order. Then upload your own file(s) or use our Custom Designer and checkout.   Step by Step Instructions/ How To Order  
Looking for more than just the sign and/or stakes? We offer other types of Real Estate Yard Signs? Check out our various A Frame Signs and Fold Over Signs..

Real Estate Yard Signs for Any Type of Property

Directional Yard Signs 18″ tall x 24″ wide Print Both Sides

Directional Signs Yard signs for open houses are quite common. Additionally, these signs assist individuals in locating the open house venue. Typically, they feature arrows or text directing visitors. Place them strategically where they are highly visible, such as at intersections or street corners. It’s advisable to set them up a little early to ensure maximum attendance. However, it’s essential to adhere to local regulations regarding sign placement .Following these guidelines, you will attract more potential buyers, and consequently, the likelihood of a successful sale will increase. In essence, proper placement of these signs is crucial. Furthermore, it’s worth noting that signs placed in the right spots not only attract more viewers but also, consequently, enhance the chances of a successful sale. Therefore, it’s vital to consider all aspects of sign placement.

Yard Signs 4mm Attract

12″ x 18″, Imagine you’re selling a listing and want to get people’s attention. Small signs, typically 12 inches by 18 inches, can be a great way to do this. Just place them right on your lawn for passersby to see. These signs usually include the contact information for the real estate agent, along with a message like “Open House Today” or “Welcome Neighbors.” Here’s the key: Keep it simple! Don’t try to cram too much information onto the sign. Instead, use colors that contrast well and pick a font that’s easy to read from a distance. In other words, make sure people can understand the message quickly and easily. Another tip: Use plenty of white space around the lettering to avoid a cluttered look.

Timing Signs is Everything

Timing is important. You want to put the signs out well before the open house so people have a chance to see them. To sum up, these small signs can be a helpful tool to attract potential buyers to your open house. If you’d like to learn more, here’s a great article with additional details. Here is great article the provides practical info and details about Agents & Signs

Custom Shapes | Colors Sizes Make An Impact

We offer custom shapes We offer custom shapes and keep some of these real estate yard signs “In Stock” or can custom cut any shape (1-2 days). Additionally, take a look at some of our standard products. Furthermore, we also have different color plastic based on availability. Consequently, check with us to see if we have what you are looking for. Likewise, sizes can be adjusted as well. Similarly, the orientation of corrugated signs depends on how you display them.  Constructed with interior ribs or “flutes”, certain stands or stakes, will only be able to display your signs one way. Furthermore, we have experience, so check with us to see if we have what you are looking for or can offer an alternative option. However, this material offers a very inexpensive method to display just about anything. Nonetheless, we recently had an agent order a sign for a seller that moved into their new home to announce the newest member of their family, a baby boy!
Templates Easy to use Various Styles/Layouts.
Explore, our diverse selection of templates tailored for your needs. Upload your images and customize your layout through our user-friendly online design software. Choose from an array of brokerage and realtor-centric logos or upload your own. Designing your double sided directional or Open Today or Event Promotion signage.

Types of Stakes:

There are a few types of stakes commonly used to display these real estate yard signs. Much of it comes down to what works for the agent. Are they stored in the trunk?, Are you looking for something that you can press in with your foot for a couple hours and grab and toss in the trunk when done. We have found this to be the case in most applications. However you do need something that is sturdy and will work! Our recommend stake for all real estate yard signs is the 30″ HD
  • 30″ Heavy Duty – This stake made of double wire is a “work horse” It is easy to uses light weight and at $1.50 or so an incredible value.
  • Plastic Frame – Durable plastics that is easy to handle affordable and and provides for a nice presentation.
  • Framed – A heavy duty black frame with 2 stakes and H bar for your foot. All made of 1/2″ powered coated steel. Often used as a main panel in some areas or where HOA wont allow a traditional post sign
30″ Heavy Duty Stake-CorroPlast Only
Plastic Spider Stake-CorroPlast Only
Black Metal Powder Coated

Production/Turnaround (12pm EST cut off time)


We provide 1-2 Days Print and Ship for most yard signs, however NEXT or SAME DAY is an available option (see Print Time selection). Our Cutoff time for real estate yard signs is 12pm EST. All days refer to and are calculated in Business Days (Monday – Friday). It initiates after your order is submitted and/or your proof is approved if requested. Printing Time signifies the production phase, indicating the duration for order production before it departs our facility for shipment or local pick-up. The displayed date indicates when your order will be ‘Ready To Ship,’ not the delivery date. To cater to different needs, we provide various service levels for our products. See more details in our knowledge center print time

Shipping Options

Use the Calculate Shipping button below the configure box, to preview the shipping methods and est. cost. You will select your actual shipping in Checkout. Make sure you select the service that best matches your desired delivery date and/or “In Hand” time when you place your order. See more shipping details in the knowledge center
  • 1-2 Days Print and Ship 12pm Cut off time
  • 1-3 Day Ground – Shipping From $10 – $39
  • Next Day Print & Ship See Print Time Option
  • Saturday Shipping Available Early or Late Arrival
  • Same Day Delivery – Sorry, Not Available in most cases
  • Local Pick Up, always free! After Hours Box available.

Design Online

Transform your real estate marketing with our easy-to-use online designer! Firstly, choose from a variety of TriFold Property Brochures templates when you click customize design. Afterwards, you can start your process from our template gallery. Additionally, your account info seamlessly integrates into most templates. Consequently, you can effortlessly upload listing photos, edit text, and adjust themes. Moreover, utilize our OPENAI content plugin for refined messaging. Besides, save your customized templates to My Designs for quick access. On the other hand, let us create a custom template for you. Essentially, create professional real estate collaterals faster and more affordably. This is especially true under tight deadlines or delayed photo situations. Consequently, elevate your marketing with our intuitive online designer, combining creativity and efficiency!
  • Templates – Use any of our templates
  • My Designs – Your Custom Layouts
  • My Images – Saves your images and assets
  • AI – Integrated AI Tool
  • Easy To Use – For Local Metro DC/VA/MD
  • Support – Videos, Step by Step, Live Chat or Phone.

A Few Tips:

Initially, we Adobe PreFlight your uploaded file. Additionally, we confirm all print-ready aspects. Another point to consider is that we find common issues. Also, we try to adjust all we can at no extra charge on any real estate yard sign order. Conversely, if your file does not have bleed, we will add it, if we can, at no charge. Basically, we will do our best to ensure all specs provide a quality piece. Because if we can’t, we won’t print, and we’ll reach out to you. Certainly, utilizing our services ensures your files are in good shape. Consequently, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your print job will turn out great. Contrarily, if there are problems, we’ll inform you. Doubtlessly, our goal is to provide you with the best service possible. Evidently, this is our commitment to you. Explicitly, we want you to have a smooth experience with us. Finally, we strive for excellence in all we do. print specifications in our knowledge center.
  • Bleed Settings – We will add or adjust here if we can at no charge
  • Flatten Your File -before you submit, as will here and at time it can effect images and colors
  • Transparency – Often occurs when a transparent art image, like a logo, is overlaid on another piece of artwork causing a light background color. We will try to flatten file – may or may not effect colors..
  • Colors – Color matching is not guaranteed. We do our best to match the specified colors of your file.
  • Your Timeline
  • Keep your expectations real. We offer very inexpensive next day printing on most Trifolds brochures, but we still need to ship it to you so keep in mind when you need “it in hand”. Confirm you have time for this layout and make the best selections in Print Time and Shipping Method to meet your expectations and needs
  • If you have a certain “in Hand Time of Day” you need your prints and its quick, we suggest you expediate all your choices. It ‘s not going to arrive the next day by 8am for $10 Shipping! We have early arrival if you need otherwise, it is by the End of Day EOD
  • Review your art, content and all of your print ready material before you submit so you don’t need proofs. We rarely change anything aside form adjusting bleed, a proof request will slow down the turnaround ..just fyi
  • Layout or Our Templates
  • These can be uploaded as two full size pages, i.e. 2pg pdf each 25.75×11.25 or 6pg each 8.75″x11″.25″ (w/bleed)
  • Don’t crowed your sign with too much copy or images. Readability from some distance is critical with this product
  • Keep away form the edges! We suggest that your margin be1/2″ from each edge. This keeps all safe and will present your content in the most professional manner.
  • Use your photographers Print Quality images

Upload Your File:

Upload Your Own Art File RGIHT HERE! Once you have completed the Configure & Price selects and have entered the Quantity you would like to order.- UPLOAD FILE. We use print ready PDF as our format of choice. This will allow your order to be processed within the standard time frame and productions scopes we offer for this product. You can upload other files however they may require additional graphic services and/or fees be charged in order to be used. Don’t worry we won’t do anything without your ok or approval. More details are located in the next tab on the right or in our knowledge center. Here some additional info on uploading your files for this product. Uploading a double sided design file? You’ll find both an overview and PDF design guideline files you can download for each size we offer, in the Tab above Design Guidelines if you need some help or call us.  
  • Print One Side or Same Both Sides – A single -1 page PDF is fine.
  • Print Both Sides with Different Art/Image – A single -2 page pdf is needed with the art for each side represented on each the page.

Material/Media for Real Estate Yard Signs

Corrugated Plastic

Made up of a durable, light-weight fluted polypropylene material. Consequently, this material is very common in real estate yard sign applications. Additionally, the primary brand we use is Coroplast®. Meanwhile, they are ideal for indoor or outdoor use and are the most popular sign material used for Real Estate Yard Signs for many reasons ranging from application to value. Furthermore, they can be displayed using various methods such as H-Stake, plastic spider stands, metal or plastic frames, A Frames, Wall or as mounted signs (fence/structure etc.). This material in this product is often cut down from larger sheets 50″x100″ and 4mm thick is our most popular material. Notwithstanding, it is available in a thicker 10mm board; however, the ROI often just doesn’t support it for most agent applications we have found. One important factor to keep in mind is how this material is constructed with regard to how it is used in many stake applications. All products here except for Custom Shape are made to be displayed horizontally or in a landscape orientation. You cannot just turn them 90 degrees and insert into the stakes. This requires a different material construction method. Use Custom Shape if you are looking for that application or email/call us

Paper Board

Tango 16pt Finished Paper Board Often a great environmental choice as can easily be recycled. These fold over and are stapled. Short term use as rain, humidity and outdoor elements will effect them quickly. They can be displayed using: H-Stake or plastic spider stands. Note they sit 11″ lower than other signs do to their mounting configuration. Please be aware this is a paper product and has a coating but is not designed as water resistant or water proof. Although is may hold up for a certain period of time it may not as well and we make no guarantee. Learn more about the best materials for your application Knowledge Center.

High Quality UV Compatible Media:

  • Corrugated Plastic -Coroplast®
  • 16pt Tango Cardstock – Fold/Stapled
Our house brand is CoroPlast and is 4mm thick with vertical flutes. We use an Opaque product (less transparent) with a smoother finish than most

Helpful Insights & Best Practices

Approach Professional Easy To Read:

  • Font style: Recommend Non-Serif fonts
  • White/negative space: Clutter can obscure your messaging
  • Colors: Bold eye-catching colors with solids
  • Follow: Compliance Law & Brokerage

Fonts What Size Is Best & Readable:

  • 1.5” tall, your font size should be 150 pt
  • 2” tall, your font size should be 200 pt
  • 5” tall, your font size should be 360 pt
  • Non-Serif Fonts with clear bold lines
  • Have Specific Question? – Send us a note

Don’t Show up without some signage:

Real estate signs are still an important part of the real estate buying and selling experience. Even today with Zillow as the leading method for house hunters find homes it often is starting point. Never under estimate the value of signage advertising as in our business we only need 1!. Not all real estate signs are effective. Many or just clutter often with logos There is another aspect to consider, branding – signs may say more about you and your business than they do about the properties they advertise. One of greatest direct mail campaign leverages your main panel and your open houses. For a while your signage might be the “talk of the town” or driven my 2-8 times a day with homeowners coming and going,

Create Incredible Signs Online Right Here!

In just a matter of minutes using our “Online Design Tool” you can create your sign. Get started, Save and Re-Visit. A perfect fit for your workflow. No design skills necessary! Need custom designs or templates? Contact us and we can do it for you.

Eye On Details

Design & Layout Best Practices:

More than just the words printed on plastic real estate signs are often about how they look and the perception they create in the people that see them. We suggest as “Brief & Brilliant Approach” -professional eye-catching and simple. If it is as simple as following your brokerage template or layout that is fine. Probably was initiated by a graphics professional, leverage their experience. Here are few tips our designers here follow.
  • What Is The Message – Then Use 1-3 words to communicate it use Font Size 300-400pt .
  • Logos – Use the simplest one your brokerage has, and aside from compliance don’t use more than two logos You are not selling the Coca Cola Brand Family
  • Basics – Ensure your cell/direct number is there and double check it. Font size min 200pt and if you have a web or easy email include it but no more than 150 pt for that font. We suggest the office number and all check all compliance rules for your disclaimer requirements.

Branding Matters – Don’t Over Do it

Most signs will be used across various properties or listings you have so this will require attention to detail and a strategic approach.

More Sign Design Tips

Remember, a well-crafted sign for any application is not just a marketing and promotional tool; it’s a testament to your commitment to excellence in the real estate industry.
  • Call To Action – Ask them to Visit the open house, Neighbors welcome be all inclusive with your content
  • Placement – highly visible location, preferably where they can be seen from intersections. The goal is to draw as many eyes as possible
  • Condition – Make sure your signs are in good shape. They can get damaged in the trunk and you might not see till 10am Sunday morning

Make sure your background extends to fill the bleed line to avoid having any white edges

Download a Design Guideline