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  • Ideal for Agent Introduction
  • Open House / Have A Buyer
  • Market Analysis/CMA Request
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3.68" x 8.5" - Regular
4.25" x 11" - Large
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Coated on one side
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For a flat or dull finish look
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Door Hangers – Taking It to The Street!

One of the most effect print marketing campaigns available. Combine it with walking a neighbor yourself, and you just might get a lead or listing. Even if you are not “door knocking” yourself, these campaigns often have immediate results. Making an impact statement as you display your commitment to direct marketing.
  • Many Applications
  • Pre-Punched Hole and Slit at top
  • Add UV Coating
Maybe you have staged a home and it has made a real difference! That neighbor may have a similar home, this might represent how you can market their home.

Let’s Start the Conversation

Agent Introduction – Open House – Have Buyer – Add a “Call To Action” or maybe a CMA for those that respond or scan your QR Code

12 pt. Tango Coated Paper

16pt Mohawk Paper A cost-effective approach to marketing your services to the people in your Geo- Farm or target area A valuable part of your marketing strategy

UV Coating – Optional

UV coating can be applied that causes an acrylic to bond, forming a thin plastic film which protects against scuffing, scratches, and fingerprints. It also adds some sheen and smoothness. We offer Gloss, Matte and Soft Touch, however for door hangers we recommend Gloss as its resin offers the best protection against the elements.

Business Card Slit – Optional

Add a business card slit to the lower portion of the Large 4.5″x11″ size to enhance this touch even further. Business cards not included.

Guaranteed To Be Seen

Door hangers are almost guaranteed to be seen by the resident/homeowner. No one is going to let them sit on their front door too long. They’re going to have to remove it at some point, which means it will likely be read!

Popular Messaging/Content

New Agent introduction, Complimentary Market Analysis or a Neighbor Event are common topics for door hangers. They really can be used for anything. Only need 25 or 50, no problem you can an have same day, next day or in a few days!  That’s what makes theses a great tool for your Agent Marketing Toolbox.
  • Agent Introduction
  • Market Analysis/CMA/Home Valuation Offer
  • Drive them to a landing page/APP
  • Open House Invitation
  • Partner with mortgage banker/title co.
  • Include coupons for local businesses
  • Thinking of Selling/Have Buyer
  • Just Listed/Sold
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