Direct Mail

How Do You Get Your Message Out?

We offer the most advanced mailing services and offerings available and we do everything in-house. Combine that with a platform that has integrated Address List Acquisition On Demand Tools in every direct mail product and ready to go - modern templates available for you in quick and easy "Canva Style" editor and you will see why we are Way Better!

Our approach is different as well - we are value driven and the services we offer for you are built around that. If you select one of our full-service mailing options, the price is all-inclusive. There are no hidden fees for things like  printing, mailing lists, and postage. You have additional options to for the best fit.

From our location we offer Creative, Printing, List Build or Process, Postal Processing, and OnSite Postal Verification and let' top it all of with tracking.

Direct Mail Products

  • Postcards 6 - Standard Sizes
  • Folded Mailers - 4 Standard sizes
  • Direct Mail Letters - 2 Standard Sizes
  • Direct Mail Note Cards -6 Standard Configurations
  • Home Value Code/CMA Marketing
  • Direct Mail Booklets - Multiple Options
  • Magnets - Self Mailer/Inserted
  • Informed Delivery Campaigns

USPS Processing

  • Full Services Certified
  • Seamless Entry Certified
  • FAST Authorized Drop Shipper
  • OnSite E-Verification
  • Data Optimization
  • NCOA, ACOA, Deceased & Vacant Processing
  • AccuTrace Gold Tracking on all when available

List/Data Build

  • U.S. Property Database - 47 Selects available
  • U.S. Demographic Database - 955 Selects available
  • Length of Residency, Loan To Value, Age - Sound Interesting?
  • Predicative Analytics and Other Modeling
  • Wealthiest 1/2%
  • Embassy & Consulates
  • Professional Athletes
  • Absentee/ Non Occupant/ Investor Data
  • Home Value/CMA On The Fly Multi Channel
  • List Stacking
  • For complete details see our

List Manager

  • Your list maintained and available within all our mail products
  • Data Optimization
  • Don Not Mail Suppression List
  • Data Append and Cleanse Available

Design Online Tool/Custom Design

  • Templates Content & Blank Slate
  • Update Cards
  •  Newsletters
  • Seller Direct Letters
  • Have A Buyer
  • All For Mailing - and More!


Complete Direct Mail Production Services Offered

Full Color Print up to 40" Sheet
Variable Data and Imaging
Letter Shop Services
Inkjet Addressing
Envelope Printing
Laser Letter Printing
Machine Stamp Application
Match Mail - Up To 6-Way
Mail Merge
Polly Bags | Mail Bagging
Direct Mail Glue Dots
Manual Direct Mail Work
Direct Mail Bindery
Label Production (roll to Avery)
Magnet Mailers
Affix POST IT Notes
Scratch Off

Direct Mail marketing Works In Real Estate

It’s affordable and budgeable
It’s effective.
It gets results.

In any market, in any city you will most likely find that the real "Top Producers" are using direct mail marketing as one of their outbound marketing channels. Then to expand further 63% of them will say, it was a key part of their sucesss.*

Whether you are an established realtor or new to real estate - You’ve heard about direct mail. It also might be safe to say that most agents under the age of 30 probably have never even considered using direct mail marketing for their business. Having grown up in an increasingly paperless world, the concept of spending your marketing dollars to print on paper and be stuffed in mailboxes within a neighborhood, subdivision or condo is completely ridiculous!

There’s no denying that agent marketing and just about everything else, have been moving toward quicker, more efficient, cheaper, and the much more environmentally friendly world of electronic communication. The other side of that is agents and advertisers in general, are competing for consumer attention online, while ISP are moving and segmenting more email into more mailboxes.

The fact is that no single marketing method should be your only lead gen channel. Most agents should have an electronic/internet marketing strategy in their mix, as well as other channels of reaching people with your value proposition - integrate with your community, be known as a resource when it comes to real property, always looking for referrals from existing/past client base however you can still get solid results from direct mail.

Direct mail marketing is one of the powerful marketing channel and should be part of any agents mix. Like anything it needs to be done correctly and strategically Overall our clients have found value and return associated with these factor.

1.  Consistency Over Quantity
2.  A more resource driven approach rather than a direct sale method will improve your lead generation results
3. Hyper-Local Approach
4. Content - Well Written & Relevant
5. CTA call to action online or Resource
6. Simple - Attractive design
7. Easy response mechanism (phone, QR code, website, etc.)
8. Data optimized and Processed/Mail correctly

One of the most important resources regarding direct mail is experience. Our staff of direct mail professionals have printed and mailed over 150 Million pieces of direct mail. Knowledge of products, rates. In Home Delivery processes, Drop Points and EDDM come together with our other resources to give you the best "Value and Service" available. If you want to learn it all - no problem, but if your looking for a trusted partner who does it every day and you want to leverage their assets, relationships, knowledge and certifications  then we are the right choice. By The way, even though USPS might not guarantee delivery , we do on most campaigns so not problem putting our money where our mouth is!

**Sending on Email w/small-med size attachment now has a carbon footprint of 54g CO2 compared with 56g CO2 for priting and mailing a letter -getting closer!**


Are getting the most out of your CRM we can show you how with your data from:

Top Producer, Salesforce, Zoho, Property Base, Alamode, 360 Agent and others

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