Predictive Analytics Marketing


Identify Home Owners who are most Likely To List.

With hundreds of millions of households indexed across the Nation we can help you focus your prospecting on houses most likely to list.  Select a Neighborhood, Zip code or a Custom E-Polygon or use only data and AI to compile a list. It's that easy - then you simply begin marketing.

Inmark Media and can provide you with our lists of the homes in your territory, ranked by the likelihood of selling in the next 1-12 months. The lists can  include a great deal of information and we will have them  "scrubbed" to improve the performance of your mailing programs if you are doing your own thing or maintain them for you if you are mailing with us.

We now have our "Likely To List" as a list choice in our Map My List Tool located in most direct mail products available for purchase if you want a simple self serve approach.   Then you can use one of our direct-mail products to operate a variety of direct mail marketing campaigns.  Our Home Value Marketing postcard is a great match for this approach or we can create for you a seamless intelligent campaign with a management system that has no contract, is affordable and can be used with your other marketing strategies for a Multi-channel approach.

First Time Home Buyer - You wouldn't believe how we have enhanced this data set in the last 14 months. Some areas now use web search data-keywords,  provided by certain ISP's that we then append and match to the targets.  We have integrated this into a Map My List platform as well so you can click and go or we can help you. Use a Request List Count to get started. 

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Manage Multiple Campaigns

From your account window, edit save and reorder campaigns.

Keep Track of your Investment

Track your direct mail marketing campaign as it travels throughout the mailing route.

Marketing Precision

Take advantage of our predictive marketing mapping application.  Target key prospects.