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Standard Mail
First Class Mail
Print Addresses Only & Return To Me
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Our Indicia (Included)
Meter Stamp (Popular)
Live Stamp
Precanceled w/ Stamp
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Our Indicia (Included)
Live Stamp
Meter Stamp (Popular)
Assorted Stamps
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No Personalization
Personalize Name or Salutation (Match Mail)
Advance Personalize/Variable Data
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8.5"x11" Letter & Window No. 10 Envelope
8.5"x11" Letter & Regular No. 10 Envelope
8.5x11" BiFold Letter & A9 Envelope
Folds in half rather then 3rds as a No. 10
4.50" x 6.25" - A6 Flat Card & Envelope
5" x 7" - A7 Flat Card & Envelope
5" x 7" - A7 Folded Card & Envelope
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20lb Offset Paper (copier)
Coated on one side
60lb Offset Mohawk Superfine
70lb Offset Mohawk Superfine
Linen or Strathmore Writing
14pt Offset Mohawk Writing Cover
14pt Coated One Side Cardstock
Best if you have a heavy solid or images on your card
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Additional Options
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Regular Font - Standard Type
Robot Handwriting - Print
Robot Handwriting - Cursive
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No proof needed
E-proof (PDF)
Hard proof
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Seller Direct Letters

Scale up your prospecting for new listings using a proven marketing channel – Seller Direct Letters. Often call “Golden Letters” or used to find homes for your buyer clients these can be segment for different messaging with various types of property owners.
  • Personalization Available
  • We have Stacked List for leads
  • Regular Letters or Robot Pen Style
This outbound marketing method has been proven time and time again. “..I’ll Buy Your House” firms rely on theses as their primary Lead Generation Tool. Give potential sellers a better option – your services and get more for their home’s sale. Leverage your recognition
Professional Letters or Handwritten by our Robots, these letters along with your list our Stacked List, are a great way to load prospects into your sales funnel or get instant calls.

70lb Mohawk Super Fine

Classic Crest Linen – White

Classic Crest Linen – Natural

60lb Offset Smooth

Buyer Letters

Do you have buyers looking for a specific home or area? This product is perfect to find potential sellers. Appealing to prospects with some story telling, a qualified buyer and a easy transaction can be very helpful. Show your clients you are doing all you can to find them a home.

Our Stacked Property List

Most agents select an area and have us build a list for them using Our List Stacking process. We use 3-5 data filters – Length of Residence, Appreciated Home Value, Equity or Loan to Value are a few. Then often adding Absentee or Investors – non occupant owners, probate, or likely deceased and additional vacant site owner(s). This is often Budget Driven so enter the quantity that works for your budget, and we will look for the best matches. For your own list or spreadsheet, in the quantity box put the total number of contacts you have. If you have a list on file in your List Manager but you don’t see it as an option, just type that lists’ name in “Notes” at checkout.
  • Postage Class – Standard (a.k.a. presort or bulk) is often the best value if your list is 200 or more.
  • Stamp/Indicia Style – You can choose to increase the authenticity for that “dropped in the mail box” look.  We recommend at least using the “Meter Stamp”. If often provides a great value and increases the “Open Rate” regardless of First Class or Standard postage use.
  • Return Address – This product includes a matching envelope. We can place your Name, Name & Address and/or logo in the upper left corner. Not required and many leave off to add the “curiosity” as it can often increase the open rate.