Property Marketing Lists

Property Marketing Lists

Targeting is one of the most critical elements of any marketing campaign. We offer many solutions depending on the goal of each campaign. We maintain a complete database of Metro DC Residential and Business address for your use.

Closest Relevant Homes

Just Listed, Just Sold or Open House direct mail marketing is very effective. These "Trigger Cards" are great for getting the word out and giving you instant recognition as other prospects drive by your main panel sign. These card generate new listing inquires!

Targeting those properties similar to the one you have is often the best strategy. In the past, we looked at homes in a radius of the property. Now we have developed and algorithm that uses our real property database to find the most RELEVANT homes closest to your featured address.

Enter the quantity of homes you want to reach and the address Property Address box and we will compile a list of these relevant homes closest to your featured property

Absentee Owners/Investors

Pulling from tax records and looking at address specific data we can identify those prospects that own homes but do not live in them (rental properties, trusts, arms length relationships etc). Our data provides the owners name and address as well as the associated property. One of the most compelling campaigns we have is, adding high level personalization to the direct mail piece indicating the address of the owners rental property with relevant information about that specific housing market.

Condo Owners

Effective condo marketing is completely based on all the principles associated with relevant marketing strategies. Drilling down this data by condo owners and mailing them at their tax address creates the most effective list.  Often this data is complied building by building and although each campaign can be small in quantity, consistent marketing has proven to be effective in generating listing appointments.

High Equity/Long Length of Residence

Those home owners who have more than 40% equity in their primary residence and who have lived there longer than 7 years.

Predictive Analytics

Using our patented algorithm, we use deep machine learning an identify in certain areas, those homeowners who have a higher propensity to list or sell their home than others. Normally this list is accurate in 1 in 5 of its selections. There is no contract !