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8.5" x 11" - Portrait
11" x 8.5" - Landscape
5.5" x 8.5" - Portrait
8.5" x 8.5" - Square
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8 Pages
12 Pages
16 Pages
20 Pages
24 Pages
28 Pages
32 Pages
36 Pages
40 Pages
44 Pages
48 Pages
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100lb Cover
12pt Premium
14pt Premium
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80lb Coated Paper
80lb Uncoated Paper
100lb Coated Paper
100lb Uncoated Paper
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Additional Options
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No Additional Finish
UV Coating Cover
UV Coating on all pages
Laminated Cover
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Soft Touch
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Gloss Laminate
Satin Laminate
Soft Touch Laminate
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 Perfect Bound Books – Real Estate

Package your real estate brand professionally and stand out as a hyper-local expert real estate agent or firm. Creating a comprehensive marketing piece, like a portfolio or property showcase, seller or buyers guide, home staging insight guide or your listing presentation? then consider using our custom printed perfect bound books. Professionally printed and bound in our facility you will enhance your brand and make an impact with each piece you distribute. In luxury real estate it’s about building a premium brand, and you can help accomplish that with specialized marketing approaches. Furthermore, these elegantly looking books will speak volumes to any client or prospect and demonstrating your knowledge and experience and commitment to property marketing

High Quality Book Printing & Binding:

  • Range from 24-800 pages
  • Portrait or our wide LuxeLine Sizes
  • Stack and display extremely well
  • Order Any Quantity
  • Special Request Get a Quote or – Send us a note
Custom Printed Perfect Bound Real Estate Books will help your listing stay in the minds of potential buyers, and demonstrate to your seller that you are a marketing professional.

How To Order:

Video Instructions/ How To Order Step by Step Instructions/ How To Order

Perfect Bound Real Estate Property Books/Luxury Books

Reinforce brand recognition and make a tangible statement with our perfect bound books. We offer exclusive paper brands, additional cover or book finishes to complete the premium look. We are “Book Makers”! Expert craftsmanship, knowledge and tooling, allow us to always create fabulous high-quality books and booklets, regardless if you need only one or thousands.

Why Perfect Bound?

The “Gold Standard” in custom book printing, these soft cover books with their defined square edges will provide the most professional and elegant representation available. Please note that total page count must be divisible by 2 for these books, we have a few methods to help if your a page short!

Luxury Property Books

Luxury listings or a property with unique features are ideal candidates for presenting using perfect bound books. Unlike many, we can produce these with a total page count of only 24. and can go up to 120 pages or more if needed and still offer 1-2 day printing time.

Make a statement with premium papers and finishes.

Elevate your books featuring thicker paper throughout (12pt or 14pt) for a truly luxurious feel. Alternatively, create a stunning contrast by combining a heavyweight cover (12pt) with lighter yet high-quality 100lb coated matte text paper for the interior page or combine different papers – use a tissue overlay page on an important photo/image or fold out page for floorplans.

Perfect Bound Real Estate Books For Every Type of Listing

Portrait 8.5″ wide x 11″ tall
Opening to 11″ x 17″ these Perfect Bound Real Estate Books, offer full-size pages ranging form 8 to 20 per booklet. Different from brochures as this marketing tool allows agents to include all information in one simple and comprehensive marketing piece. Moreover, your high-quality property photos can encompass an entire page if desired, surely making a large impact on readers. Creating a buzz. An important challenge when selling luxury properties is representing all features and amenities. Consequently, this comprehensive method allows potential buyers in gaining a deeper understanding. Your seller will noticed you have overlooked nothing. Available in a unique square configuration as well.
Top Bind Property Booklet
Measuring 11 wide and 8.5″ tall and opening to 17″ tall, this unusual size property booklet really makes an impact. The Perfect Bound Real Estate Books emulate the structure of a calendar This unique format is meticulously designed to accentuate and better accommodate more panoramic photos that maybe essential in telling your property story. Pages turning gracefully making it an indispensable tool for spotlighting certain listings. Additionally, upon delving deeper, you’ll discover plenty of room to integrate your high-resolution photos and captivating content. Furthermore, this integration serves as a testament to your marketing acumen, seamlessly weaving together to showcase your property. Esteemed within the real estate community, this brochure stands out for its unparalleled ability to present properties in a visually captivating and impeccably organized manner. Moreover, each brochure consistently features top-tier property photography, accompanied by meticulously detailed information on features and amenities.
LuxLine Portrait Premium Flat 22″ Wide
Our LuxLine Premium Property Booklet represent the epitome of our saddle stitched property booklet lineup. Additionally, these multipage gems open up expansively at 22″ like a “coffee table book,” offering ample space for panoramic images that enhance your listing. Furthermore, front elevation images, as many luxury or unique listing have, make for a perfect cover image. Moreover, inside, a harmonious blend of your Hi-Res Photos and compelling content accentuates your marketing prowess. Furthermore, as a bona fide luxury marketing tool, it elevates your listing presentation with visually appealing and elegant flair.
Templates Easy to use Various Styles/Layouts.
Explore, our diverse selection of templates tailored to meet your specific needs. Additionally, upload your property photos and customize your layout seamlessly through our user-friendly online design software. Furthermore, choose from an array of brokerage and realtor-centric logos or upload your own for a personalized touch. Designing your Perfect Bound Real Estate Books has never been this intuitive and convenient.

Add Additional Options:

UV Coating

Is fast and economical way to add a little “something extra” to the appearance and/or feel. IT will also add some durability


If you desire a “longer life” for your publication, thermally laminating a thin plastic film over the paper will provide the greatest effect, as well as adding 3X the protection elements to the media.
  • Gloss Finish – UV Coating or Lamination, will add a glossy sheen/finish and helps in overall durability
  • Matte Finish – Almost the opposite of the above, this enhances a duller appearance UV Coating or Lamination.
  • Soft Touch Finish – Creates a velvety texture. The cover becomes “soft” to the touch and increases the tactile appeal. Available with UV Coating or Lamination, however lamination will provide the maximum effect for this one .
  • Die Cutting – We offer 3 Standard Die cut cover options
  • Custom Die Cutting – We can cut to any desired configuration. This will add a few days and flat cost range from $25-75. Request a quote –

Production/Turnaround (3pm EST cut off time)

Benefit from our fast printing times. Print and Ship service for Perfect Bound Real Estate Books is available in 2-3 days, 1-2 days and Next business day for certain orders. Moreover, our cutoff time is 3pm EST, ensuring prompt processing of your orders. Additionally, all days are referred to and calculated in Business Days (Monday – Friday). Production time commences after your order is submitted and/or your proof is approved if requested. Subsequently, Printing Time signifies the production phase, indicating the duration for order production before it departs our facility for shipment or local pick-up. Notably, the displayed date indicates when your order will be ‘Ready To Ship,’ not the delivery date. To cater to different needs, we provide various service levels for our products. See more details in our knowledge center print time

Shipping Options

Use the Calculate Shipping button below the configure box, to preview the shipping methods and est. cost. You will select your actual shipping in Checkout. Make sure you select the service that best matches your desired delivery date and/or “In Hand” time when you place your order. See more shipping details in the knowledge center
  • Same Day Print and Ship Limited
  • Next Business Day Arrival – Shipping From $21 – $55
  • Next Business Day Early May arrive by Noon of the NBD
  • Saturday Shipping Available Early or Late Arrival
  • Same Day Delivery – For Local Metro DC/VA/MD
  • Local Pick Up, always free! After Hours Box available.

Design Online

Revolutionize your real estate marketing with our user-friendly online designer! Choose from a variety of Perfect Bound Real Estate Books templates when you click customize design, or start your process from our template gallery. Your account info seamlessly integrates into most templates, and you can effortlessly upload listing photos, edit text, and adjust themes. Utilize our OPENAI content plugin for refined messaging. Save your customized templates to My Designs for quick access, or let us create a custom template for you. Create professional real estate collaterals faster and more affordably, even under tight deadlines or delayed photo situations. Elevate your marketing with our intuitive online designer, combining creativity and efficiency!
  • Templates – Use any of our templates
  • My Designs – Your Custom Layouts
  • My Images – Saves your images and assets
  • AI – Integrated AI Tool
  • Easy To Use – For Local Metro DC/VA/MD
  • Support – Videos, Step by Step, Live Chat or Phone.

Perfect Bound Real Estate Books A Few Tips:

Before printing, we Adobe PreFlight your uploaded file to confirm all print-ready aspects. Here are a few of the most common issues we find. Moreover, if your file does not have bleed, we will add it if possible at no charge. Additionally, we will do our best to ensure all specs will provide a quality piece. However, if we can’t, we won’t print and we’ll reach out to you. More details on print specifications in our knowledge center.
  • Bleed Settings – We will add or adjust here if we can at no charge
  • Transparency – Often occurs when a transparent art image, like a logo, is overlaid on another piece of artwork causing a light background color. We will try to flatten file – may or may not effect colors.
  • Colors – Color matching is not guaranteed. We do our best to match the specified colors of your file.
  • Your Timeline
  • Keep your expectations real. We offer very inexpensive same day printing on most Property Brochures bifold and brochures, but we still need to ship it to you so keep in mind when you need it  “in hand”.  Make the best selections in Print Time and Shipping Method to meet your expectations and needs.

Upload Your Perfect Bound Real Estate Books File:

Upload Your Own Art File RGIHT HERE! Furthermore, once you have completed the Configure & Price selections and have entered the Quantity you would like to order, proceed to UPLOAD FILE. This transition ensures a seamless process for uploading your artwork. We use print-ready PDF as our format of choice. Consequently, this will allow your order to be processed within the standard timeframe and production scopes we offer for this product. Additionally, you can upload other files; however, they may require additional graphic services and/or fees to be charged in order to be used. Moreover, don’t worry; we won’t take any action without your approval. See more details located in the next tab on the right or in our knowledge center. Additionally, you’ll find both an overview and PDF files you can download for each size we offer. Here is some additional info on uploading for this product. Nevertheless, if you don’t have a design or don’t want to use one of our templates, or are just starting your research on the best approach for a real estate marketing booklet, here is a great online resource to read – our friends at blub books have an article on creating a listing booklet.

Paper Configurations for Perfect Bound Real Estate Books

If your listing is highly desirable and in the top price bracket, your marketing material should reflect this – customers in the market for prestige homes will expect nothing less.

Self Cover

These can be made using the same type and weight of paper as the interior pages. There is no differentiation between the paper used for the cover and the paper used for the inside pages. All pages printed on heavy coated cover paper if desired – 12pt or 14pt.

Cover and Text Weight (Plus Cover)

The cover utilizes a different type of paper and weight than the paper used for the interior pages. This creates a contrast or distinction between the cover and the inside pages, whether it’s a difference in texture, weight, color, or finish. A popular combination we recommend for these booklets is a heavier weigh paper, 100lb Cover or 12pt or the Cover Paper and 80lb or 100lb Matte (Silk) text weight for the interior pages.
Different ways to build your Property Booklet
Welcome to FAQ

Additional information on our products. Our knowledge base page is a
great resource  to view videos or step by steps if you don't find what you are looking for here.

Shipping/Delivery - Options


1. You select your shipping method (or local pick up) at checkout
2. Use the Calculate Shipping Price - in this product (above in the Configure and Price Box) to see the options you will choose from in checkout.
3.In checkout you will see the actual Day-Date and Est Time of arrival

*All days referred to Business Days (not Saturday - not Sunday

Standard (1-3 Days) - UPS Ground
Next Business Day - UPS Next Day
Arrives by the End of the Next Business Day
Between 8am and PM in some areas (usually same time you receive your other ups/amazon goods)
Do not use if you need by a certain time
Next Business Day Early- UPS Next Day
Arrives by 12pm/Noon of the Next Business Day
Saturday - UPS Next Day Arrives on Saturday (between 8am-6pm)
Same Day Delivery – For Local Metro DC, MD and VA - (option will only appear for those areas covered)
Local Pick Up - 1-2 Days and always free! You will be notified via email when your order is ready for pick up After Hours Box available.
Expedited Order Pick Up - Certain products  may have a additional local  pick up options that provide for the order ready within n (4) hours (based on order submission time). No proof request are available for this selection and this options can not be added on after the order is placed-  it must be selected at checkout.  Make the appropriate selection Checkout.

We offer various shipping/delivery methods.  All are selected at Checkout.  Select the options to best match your needs.

What time I ordered and how it affects delivery
VERY IMPORTANT Make sure you have selected a “Printing Time”  or production turnaround that will best match your desired delivery date when you place your order.
Days - Are Business Days (Monday- Friday)
Cut Off Time 3PM EST on all Business Days
Orders or Approvals after 3PM EST thus, are considered "the next business day"

Print material must be submitted and approved (if proof requested) by 3:00 pm (EST) the day before the requested delivery day. Any submission or approval after 3pm the day prior,  is considered the next day. Your order is not "picked from a shelf" it is custom printed and no shipping can take place until it is completed and ready to ship.

We have tried to incorporate these various user options to accommodate agents and often their need for quick turnaround or that maybe entering their orders after the close of the work day, thus still allowing them to order online seamlessly.  If you need anything by a certain time we suggestion you chose the most expedite shipping you see as well as expedited production with in the product your are ordering.

Changing Your Shipping Method or Destination
Please make sure to make your best selection when placing your order. It is difficult to change the shipping once you have entered your order. Make the best choice dont let dollars drive your peace of mind!. 87% of our orders are printed and shipped the same day, that is the business we are in! To do that we incorporate a great deal of automation. We can of course change the shipping type and ship to address at times, however it may effect the timing and additional charges may apply.

Our Guarantee - I didn’t receive my package
If you order has not arrived by when it was supposed to based on your  order submission time, product selections, print turnaround and shipping method, there will be no shipping charge, check your tracking number (sent via email when shipped and is in your order  go to: My Accounts > My Orders. If you still have no resolution please email or call us 24/7. We Monitor all outbound shipping regardless of the method and guarantee delivery within your specified sections .  In fact if we can, we will reprint and deliver (if possible for us to accomplish based on each occurrence) to the shipping address or your open house for any Local delivery. For Non-Llocal we will ship next day at our own expense if possible

How will I know my order has shipped
You will receive an email notification of shipment with tracking number and shipper (often a link) . Also, in your account, > My Account > My Orders - Shipping- toward the bottom of that screen is an option for order status. This show all your shipping details. Make sure you have our url marked as safe so your mail server does not place our notification in your spam, junk or other inboxes - we are not responsible for this occurring.

What print ready file recommendations should I follow?

Print-Ready Files It a common term used every day in commercial printing, but it can mean different things. They are essential elements your file needs to ensure it translates from your computer to the printing press accurately and consistently without the need for any additional edits or adjustments. PDF Format Whether you’re designing a postcard, property brochures or perfect bound marketing booklets the first step in creating a file for online printing is knowing what format it’s in. A PDF is the best format. Other File Formats Other formats have broader editing capabilities, such as Adobe Photoshop (.psd format), Illustrator (.ai format) or InDesign (.indd/imdl). They can work however you have Package and Zip with Links and Font Folders and save as an IMDL otherwise they cannot be used. Formats like Microsoft Document (.docx), PowerPoint (.ppx) or Publisher (.pub) are not optimized for a printing press. And formats like .png and .jpeg. are static images that, if designed correctly, can be printed, but there will most likely be a charge to convert them. Nothing will advance however without your approval. Print-Ready File Requirements To ensure your file is ready for press and other online printing services, follow these guidelines: All of your images should be high resolution. We recommend images are 300 PPI for small format projects like booklets, cards or brochures, and 150 PPI for large format projects like custom signs and banners.

Make sure your files use CMYK colors for the most accurate comparison between what you see on your screen and what is produced with the press (not guaranteed to match exactly)

Your design files must have the appropriate bleed to ensure any variances in commercial production don’t affect your print. .125″ or 1/8″ variance in the event that the machines drift slightly in any direction. Because of this, your finished size should be expanded by 1/4″. Thus the final PDF file size for a 8.5×11 Brochure will actually be 8.75 x 11.25

Your design files should have all transparent objects, images or drop shadows flattened. PMS Pantone colors will be converted on the fly to CMKY unless for Signs and you have ordered PMS Colors.

General Rule As long as you have a PDF with high resolution images in the CMYK color space with the appropriate bleed, you’ll be on your way to creating the correct print-ready file and your own exceptional project!

How do I set up a Booklet?

Booklets are a little more complex. Also, if you have artwork you created from another company, it might not meet all requirements. For best results have your designer or yourself, follow the guidelines below

Here are guidelines/rules to follow when creating your Booklets:
• Page counts start on the cover as page 1, inside cover as page 2 and so on.
• Total bleed is 0.125” and total Safety is 0.25” for Saddle Stitched and Any Coil Bound
• Total bleed is 0.125” and total Safety is 0.50” for Perfect Bound
• Only single pages will be accepted. NO readers OR printers spreads please. This allows us to set up your crossovers properly.

For example, a (12) page - 8.5x11 booklet with bleed
should be a single (multipage) PDF file with - (12) 8.75x11.25 pages total. The first page is the Front Cover and the last page is the Back Cover.

How can I avoid transparency issues?

Any transparency issue can be resolved before saving your file.


What a transparency problem looks like on screen...After a transparency problem is printed...
To prevent this, never use shadows, glows, or any other transparency (image or otherwise) on top of a spot color. Always convert your spot color to CMYK and FLATTEN before sending.

How should I set up my bleed?

Bleed must extend past the cut-line and will be trimmed from the product during the final cutting phase. When the image is required to extend all the way to the edge, bleed is needed to preserve the finished look and the quality of the final product.

- The bleed for All Digital and offset Print Products is 0.125".
- The bleed for Signs, Posters, Display or Large Format Products is 0.250".

Please keep all text at least 0.25" inside the cut-line. This Safe Zone will make sure no content is compromised.

What resolution should my file be?

We would like 300 dpi files and no less. Low resolution files may be printed as is or will be placed on hold until we receive new files, slowing your turn-around.

What color mode should my files be?

We prefer your design and output all colors as CMYK. If you send us an RGB file or containing SPOT colors (aside from coating or die cutting), there is a chance for color shift to occur.

What type of artwork can I send WBP

We recommend saving as a PDF file. You may also send the file in the following types: JPG, JPEG, TIF, TIFF, EPS, and PNG.

We prefer that you send PDF with embedded or outlined fonts. PDF files are easier to handle and will likely speed up your turn-around. Remember to flatten your files before uploading.

For signs, we recommend designing:
• vector files (e.g. EPS or PDF)
• 300 DPI or higher

Our design guideline templates on the right, will help you ensure your design/layout will meet all your expectations. You might not do this everyday as we do, but all you need is a little help! They will guide in your layout and provide not only the overall dimensions but the trim, safe and bleeds lines so that all your content and images will print and display just as you want.

Complete PDF Templates can be downloaded on the right. Below find a Quick Reference Image and Print Ready File Specs

Perfect Bound - Important To Keep In Mind:

Book Gutters
Due to the nature of perfect bound books, content that is very close to the binding area may be obscured. Please keep any important text and artwork .40” away from the bound edge (the center of the page for two-page spreads) to be fully visible (see design guidelines on the right)

Because the book is glued into the cover, perfect bound books have a 0.40" area on the inside covers that will be glued to the first and last inside pages. It’s important to keep that in mind when designing your inside covers, because artwork may be lost in the glued area. Given this, important text and artwork should be kept at least 10mm away from the trim line on the binding side of the inside covers and first and last interior page

We will calculate the spine size for your book here when we digitally layout your covers for printing


Design Tip: If you're exporting from your company's design center, try to Export or Save to the setting/choice similar to "send to commercial printer" or hi Re PDF. If you are unsure of all these try to select the highest quality you can and we will adjust all here, prior to print. If we make any non print ready changes, we will send you a proof.

Print Ready File/Layout Instructions:
• Bleed: 1/8″ overall (.125 of an inch) will be trimmed off each side of your product. Your Final PDF file then should be .125” larger than the card you have selected. So a Jumbo Card is 5.5” Tall x 8.5” Wide. Your submitted file would be 5.75” Tall by 8.75” wide (added .125 to the left, right, top and bottom).

• Trim (cut) Line: This is where we will cut your card down from a much larger size press sheet to the final size that you ordered.
Borders- If you card has a border design, that border needs should be at least 1/4″ thick from the bleed line to ensure a balanced look.

• Safe Area: This area is close to wear the card is trimmed to its final size.
Elements (i.e., text, graphs, tables) too close to or over the trim edge maybe trimmed further than you think due to manufacturing tolerances. Make sure no critical text or part of any image leaks into the Safe.

Images bordering the trim should be expanded to the Bleed line so that that they “bleed” off the page.

• Images/Photos: CMYK @ 300dpi (1200dpi for Bitmaps) Hi Res Print.

• Flatten File: We recommend you flatted your final print ready card as you output the file. Especially if you are using transparencies or mask. This will assure that you exactly how your cards will look. Flattening at times can adjust all colors overall. All products we print are “Flattened”. This is part of our service so if you don’t flatten the card, it is fine, as we will at no charge. We just want you to beware that this can impact the entire card at times, based on how it was originally composed.

Print & Deliver Solution Exclusively for Agents

We are aware of the deadlines and timelines that Real Estate Agents experience and the many steps involved in listing a home for sale. This product is built with those needs in mind.
Perfect Bound Books  - The Gold Standard!
Multiple sizes, page count and paper configurations available.
Place your approved order on any business day before 3:00PM EST. Upload your print ready file, or use one of our Online Designs and most booklets will Print and be Ready To Ship in two business Days!
Delivery & Shipping
We offer Low Rate - Next Business Day Shipping for Booklet Orders of 20 (min) to 50 (max). Quick Reference of Current Next Business Day Shipping Cost Below (selected at checkout - other options available).
  • Mid Atlantic $ 37.55
  • North East - $ 54.22
  • South - $ 61.35
  • West of the Mississippi - $ 88.96

Other Turnarounds available Use Print Time and Estimated Shipping in the price build section for more details.

Cover Paper Text to Heavier Cardstock popular Inside Paper 60lb to 100lb Text
Covers & Binding - The covers are printed on a heavier cardstock or can be heavier textured paper.  The inside pages are printed on text weight papers (except our property marketing books which may use a 12pt paper inside) providing  many combinations  - that too, generates and  "experience" for the reader as well . We can also apply additional finishes to further enhance your book,
Popular 8.5" tall and 8.5" wide (binds on left) Pages  26 to 300
Portrait Booklet - Our most popular!. Ideal for any listing, buying, agent promo, staging guide or any content. Inside use a table of contents or start right in with your images and info and you will surely exhibit your marketing skills. A real marketing tool, this booklet will get the conversation starter. Offering great value and quick turnaround, agents can make a big impact and leave a professional impression. Keep in mind this booklet does not lay flat when opened.
Perfect Binding Premium Impressive wide booklets
Any selection from our booklet line will make a lasting impression. Our Premium landscape book -  similar to a "coffee table book" allows you to feature any panoramic images that might add value, or a maybe and extended time line or price model. If you are a luxury property marketer, this might be your single greatest piece of print collateral. It can showcase your experience and knowledge in a very visually appealing and elegant manor, thus reflecting your ability and commitment to marketing luxury homes and properties.