Direct Mail Note Cards

  • All Pricing includes Printing, Postage, and Entry into a USPS Plant
  • Printed Matching Envelopes Included
  • Various options for an “Authentic” approach

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6.25" x 4.5" - Folded Card with Gift Card
With $5.00 Value
5" x 7" - A7 Folded Card
5.5" x 8.5" - A9 Folded Card
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Coated on One Side of Paper (C1S)
12pt C1S Paper
14pt C1S Paper
16pt Photo Finish One Side C1S
12pt Accent Super Smooth
14pt Mohawk Super Smooth
16pt Mohawk Super Smooth
Coated Both Sides C2S
100lb Gloss Cover C2S
100 Matte Cover C2S
130lb Cover C2S
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Standard Mail
First Class Mail
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Our Indicia (Included)
Live Stamp
Meter Stamp (Popular)
Precanceled w/ Stamp
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Our Indicia (Included)
Live Stamp
Forever - U.S. Flag Stamp First Class Mail
Meter Stamp (Popular)
Assorted Stamps
None flag First Class when available
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Type Style/Envelope
Matching White Regular
Silver Foil Lining
Gold Foil Lining
Black Foil Lining
Colored Moss
Colored Rosa
Silver Metalic
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Regular Font
Robot Handwriting - Print
Robot Handwriting - Cursive
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No proof needed
E-proof (PDF)
Hard proof
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Your Note to Your Audience

Deliver your message with a Direct Mail Note Card and Envelope. Perfect for keeping in contact with your SOI (sphere of influence or client list). Announcements, Opens, Invitations, Holiday cards or whatever your needs are, we can provide you with an “end to end” solution. We’ll process your list for USPS mailing, print and address the envelope for any quantity
  • Real Pen via Robot Option
  • Flat or Folded
  • Your list or ours!
A handwritten note on personalized stationery with your name or logo or custom design will go a long way in making a good impression with your clients. You don’t have to write each one. We are able to scale this using a robot and a real pen if you want!

14 pt. Coated Front

14pt Coated Front Paper Perfect if you have an image or solid color or logo. Back can easily be written on.

16 pt. Mohawk Super Smooth

16pt Mohawk Paper Ideal for personal stationary. Both sides uncoated and can be written on. Not so good for pictures, images, or logos.

Classic Crest Linen DC

Classic Crest Linen Double Cover. Premium Linen. Not for pictures, images, or logos.

36 pt. Triplex – Black Core

36pt Triplex Black Core 3 sheets of Mohawk bonded in a press. (not available for folded)

A Personal Touch

Referrals are the most valuable source for acquiring new listing or client. Make your customers and clients feel appreciated! Display your gratitude with simple messages or short phrases of thanks.

List & Other Options

Most agents upload their lists for this product. Adding, editing and reviewing often from their CRM. Enter the total number of addresses on your list or spreadsheet in the quantity box. If you have a list on file in your List Manager but you dont see it as an option, just type that lists’ name in “Notes” at checkout.
  • Postage Class – First Class is often the most popuolar but if you have 200 or more contacts, you can obtain some saving from using standard mail (a.k.a. presort or bulk)
  • Stamp/Indicia Style – You can choose to increase the authenticity for that “dropped in the mail box” look.  We recommend at least using the “Meter Stamp”. If often provides a great value and increases the “Open Rate” regardless of First Class or Standard postage use.
  • Return Address – This product includes a matching envelope. We can  place your Name, Name & Address and/or logo in the upper left corner. Not required and many leave off to add the “curiosity” as it can often increase the open rate.

Download A Design Guideline PDF