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Postage Methods / Class

Marketing Mail Class (Presort)
Marketing Mail (we refer to as "Presort"), formally known as Standard Mail and most often referred to as Bulk Mail, is a valuable option included in the base price of all our direct mail products. This is a component of our "All Inclusive Pricing". Preferred for real estate marketing postcards and other campaigns as combined with our other USPS certifications and On-Site Validation/Entry,  brings tremendous value.  As our process of certifying, validating and then sorting and grouping the mail prior to it arriving a USPS plant reduces the work on postal side which they pass along via a reduced rate compared to First Class Mail.

Despite USPS prioritizing First-Class mail for processing, Marketing Mail (Presort) leveraging our systems can yield comparable in-home arrival dates if executed effectively. Furthermore, Marketing Mail is not merely pushed to the back of the line. Through our enhanced approach, utilizing our proprietary systems platform and live sync with USPS data servers, we expedite production and verification processes, resulting in improved in-home arrival dates. It typically arrives within 1-5 days. Large Mailers- Giant Postcards and Large Self Mailers known as "Flats" may take from 3-14 days. We do offer some additional options when it comes to Larger Mailers or "Flats" Contact us with your list or if using one of ours the details and we can make and assessment of the best approach.

First-Class Mail
First-Class mail both Postcards and Letters usually deliver in approximately 1-3 business days. It can be the best option for time-sensitive or critical information depending on your timing or if your quantity is under 200 pieces. If your materials are dated and/or have an event date or time-sensitive call to action, possibly a quick turn Open House, you should consider using First-Class to ensure timely delivery. Within the First-Class postage option, there are Retail rates (Forever Stamp) and Certain Sizes and Minimum Quantities at a Presort First Class Rate and for quantities over 500 a Commercial Rate. All of these are considered first class regardless of cost and are displayed in our First Class pricing options. Additionally, it’s important to realize that choosing the right postage option is crucial for achieving optimal results. Therefore, it’s wise to carefully consider the various rates and options available to you. Similarly, despite the convenience of Marketing Mail, First-Class may offer a more reliable and consistent delivery timeline. Furthermore, although Marketing Mail can be cost-effective, it may not always be the most suitable choice for time-sensitive materials that are in need of quick turnaround. Consequently, it’s essential to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each option before making a decision. Large Mailers - Giant Postcards and Large Self Mailers known as "Flats" may take from 2-10 days. Keep this in mind when planning your content and campaign strategy.  See more postal information on how size impacts postage and in home delivery in the knowledge center.

Tracking Included For Both
After the initial stage of production, we meticulously track each real estate postcard using a unique tracking code placed within the IMB barcode. Furthermore, our AccuTrace tool allows you to monitor the progress of your campaign in real time. Initially, your mailer undergoes processing at our facility, and subsequently, it is sent out for delivery. Additionally, our system enables you to verify that your mail is being processed and delivered promptly. Meanwhile, you can access a real-time dashboard to track the delivery progress. Although First-Class mail typically delivers within 1-4 business days, our tracking system ensures that you can monitor its progress until it reaches your audience. Moreover, you can find detailed tracking information in your order details. Ultimately, our goal is to provide you with peace of mind, knowing that your mail is being delivered accurately and on time.

Flat sized mail often is not tracked as the many of those larger postal processing machines, are not equipped with scanners that can ready the various sizes and dimensions that run on these machines. However we always do our best to obtain scans for flats when we can.

For more information on Large Mailers or Flats see our knowledge center.



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