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My Mailing List – Update While Ordering (On the Fly)

Many agents are always try to keep your mailings list as up to data as possible.

The most comprehensive approach for agents today is using a CRM platform. We agree!  You most likely are using a multi channel approach to your marketing thus maintaining your contacts in one single platform makes sense.

You can Update / Add / Remove any of your list via My Accounts > List Manager however you can also do that directly when you place and order.  This an effective approach, especially if you are actively managing your list(s) an executing campaigns frequently.


A common one might be your SOI Sphere of Influence or client and or funnel lists. You can also just  type in changes or copy and paste, and you are done

In most case then within 24 hours (business hours) we will process that list for USPS Validation, NCOA  and other deliverability related items and then load into your account.


From the configure section of any direct mail product, the first selection always starts with your mailing list.

  • From Select List Option as you normally would, if you were using one of your list on file, Choose > Use My List on File.
  • Then from the drop down choose your list(s) to use.  
  • As you see in the screen shot below, when that happens, two another options will appear (Green Arrow).  In this article are discussing replacing the list in your account, that you selected but have a new version to use for this mailing > Would you like to update your mailing list(s)

Select Yes > "Would you like to update your mailing list(s)"  When you do, the area will expand below and you will see and Upload Tool call "Browse" locate your file and upload it. See screen shot below.

The quantity that populated will be the same, it will not change based on your revised or replacement list. We have found usually these  list counts often stay some what constant. As long as it is close to our our 6% allowable variance either way, there will be no additional charge and it will be updated up on your nest order with the accurate quantity.

If there is a  significant difference or you want the quantity to reflect what you know as the actual count you can change the Order Quantity at the bottom to reflect the total address for the entire order. If we see any issues we will reach out contact you immediately to review as well.

Continue on with your configurations and place your order. The new list will be used and we will replace your previous list in your My Mailing List usually with in 24 -36 hours.

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