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Choosing the Right Postcard Size for Your Direct Mail Campaign

Considerations for Choosing the Perfect Postcard Size

If you can effectively get your message across to the recipient in a 4.25 x 5.5 postcard, and you are comfortable with the "impact" then choose this option, as it is the most cost-effective card to manufacture and mail.

If your message is better served by using more space, then choose either the 9 x 6 or 11 "x 5.5" options. Keep in mind the cost to manufacture/produce the 8.5x 5.5. or 6 x 9 is less than the 6 x 11; however, the postage for both will be the same.

Make an Impact:
If you really want your piece to stand out in the mailbox, and your budget allows, you may want to look at the 11 x 8.5 size. It is the most expensive to print and mail, but it will definitely stand out. When you invest in a large postcard, you're making sure you introduce yourself boldly. Large mailings are great for special offers, the first mailing in a series of postcards and simply if you want to grab attention and stand out from your competitors.

Standard Sizes

Standard Postcard (4.25’’ x 5.5’’):
With the least amount of space for content, this postcard is compact and optimal for simple, straight-to-the-point designs. It qualifies for a true first-class postcard rate.

Jumbo (8.5" x 5.5"):
It is hard to match the versatility of a 5.5″ x 8.5″ Jumbo Real Estate Postcard. It allows ample space to display high-quality larger images featuring a listing/sale. Often in smaller images details can be lost.

Super Jumbo "6"x 9":
This size offers the most versatility often. Popular for just about any real estate agent postcard campaign it is appealing as it can allow for more creative options, just due to its size.

Panoramic 11"x 5.5":
Almost the largest on the market that still qualifies for USPS "Letter Rate" this has been our favorite for real estate postcards at least when used along with the Jumbo.

Tall Panoramic 6’’ x 11’’:
Generally the largest on the market that qualifies for Letter Rate by USPS, the Tall Panoramic is very similar to the above Panoramic. Offers even greater versatility with larger proportions.

The Giant 11” x 8.5:
Reach prospects or clients and make a huge impact! At 8.5"x11" these postcards get you noticed, both in the mailbox and when shuffled and reviewed.

Custom Sizes/Options

If you don't see the size you want:

    • If you are Ready To Go and Have your Own Art File, place your order using the NEXT SIZE UP. For example, if you want a 5"x7" postcard then select our 8.5"x5.5" Jumbo. Make all your other selections, Enter your QUANTITY, and place your order. Unfortunately, most of the time, there is no cost saving we can extend as our sizes already take into account sheet size optimization and yield, but if we can we will; otherwise, this allows you to get mailing started! If there are any issues we will reach out, and if we cannot accommodate the order, we will refund your payments made, in full.
  • Don't see a size or other option and want a QUOTE:
    • USE: Get A Quote:
    • If you would like a quote for a custom card and you don't see a certain size, or finish, or paper, etc. - Select the closest size and then make the closest other selections you can including QUANTITY, so we know how many you need, and SELECT GET A QUOTE (rather than upload or design). A form will open - Confirm a few items in the Notes section place those requirements/needs you have for your cards, or any special need for this mailer. Send. We will get the info back to you usually within 1-2 hours.

About Us

WayBetterPostcard is uniquely positioned at the intersection of cutting-edge technology and industry expertise to help you exceed your marketing goals. Our full-service facility has all data, print, finishing and mailing equipment "Under One Roof". Linking these various machines with a single level of software has provided customers with everything from data processing and fulfillment to personalized hi-touch luxury campaigns at incredible value.

Our industry-leading quality is aided by the newest graphic advancements, such as our integrated "On The Fly - Fiery software" - this offers some of the highest-caliber print quality across the broadest range of media for every job. We are a bonded List broker with relationships that span over 26 different compliers. To make a meaningful impression at the mailbox, leverage the unparalleled expertise and technology of WayBetterPostcard to create the perfect direct mail campaign.

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