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Payments & Billing Info

Payment is required for all orders and is accepted with any valid major credit card.

  1. Payment can me made by entering your Credit Card Info at Checkout or if you have a credit card saved in your online account it will appear as a  selection. Credit card details – credit card type, credit card number, cardholder name, expiration date, and security code and billing address.
  2. If you have a billing account with our office you can select Billing/Invoice Account.
  3. BOTH – You may have have both of these payment options active. If you are placing orders via email, express products, your company’s marketing department or a third party of your choosing, that does not enter your credit card or use a saved card card at checkout, then you are required to have a billing account with our office. As of 1/1/24 no orders will advance without payment received or a valid Billing/Invoice Account.

Online AccountCredit Card

Saving a Credit Card in your Online Account
From My Account section  on the left navigate to > Addresses Confirm: Enter or Edit your billing address using the blue edit icon to the left, Next proceed to Payment Methods directly below: Follow the direction there to enter and save a credit card(s) for use at checkout. When you are in checkout and ready to make payment, that stored card{s} will appear.> Select it as a your method for this order and agree to terms and  Checkout! (Note: you will also have an option there to use another card via entering if desired as well at this prompt)
Update Your Stored/Save Card 
From My Account section  on the left navigate to > Payment Methods Follow the direction there to Update or Add New Credit card to your online account
Entering  your Credit Card at checkout one time use 
You dont have to store or save a credit card,. At checkout simply select  credit card option  (you will see credit card icons)  you can enter your credit card information there for one time use.

Billing/Invoice AccountCredit Card on File

If you have or would like to have our billing department process your payment instead of directly paying at checkout, you can use/create a Billing Account.  Your order is processed an invoice is then generated.  Once your order has left our facility (shipped, mailed etc. or if a deposit) then the invoice is processed for payment by our office with  the valid credit card on file,  you have authorized us to use. Credit card details required – credit card type, credit card number, cardholder name, expiration date, and security code
Update or Open a Billing Account

Update My Billing/Invoice Account

Access Your Billing/Invoice Account Online

You can view your Billing/Invoice account in detail anytime by entering your login at https://inmarkmedia.gotomyaccounts.com/login

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