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My Mailing List – Add Closest Relevant Home to your campaign

One of the most effective list a Realtor can maintain is their SOI Sphere of Influence.  Keeping in contact or a "Touch" with this group always will maintain or advance your position.  Even if they are not in the market themselves, we all know the value of a referral.  It might just be letting them know you are out there and making deals or have an eye on the market.

One way to do this is add them to a new listing you have or a recent sale or story. Geographically it might not be anywhere near them, however reference wise, it will put you at top mind with them.

One of our most popular list tools is our Closest Relevant Homes (see more here).  You can mail your card to those most relevant homes close by a listing or a sale and include your SOI or another list as well. Thus enjoying the benefit of promoting the property/listing to possibly other relevant or future sellers, with similar properties and leveraging your presence in the area as well as a "Touch" to your SOI list. All probably at less per piece than if they were mail separately.

Add Closest Relevant Home to your campaign with on file mailing list (My Mailing Lists)

  • From Select List Option as you normally would, if you were using one of your list on file, Choose > Use My List on File. Then from the drop down choose your list(s) to use (top purple arrow).
  • As you see in the screen shot below, when that happens, another option will appear (second purple arrow).  > Want to add the Closest Relevant Homes along with your list above list(s). It will default to "None" but just select the quantity you want 100, 200 or 400


  • Finish the rest of your selects to configure your card. The quantity will automatically populate and you are ready to place your order and build some Momentum!





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