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Defining Your Audience – List Building

Choose the combination that best aligns with their marketing goals and budget.

Our comprehensive mailing list and data services offer a range of Audience Approach and Personalization options tailored to meet the diverse needs of real estate agents aiming to enhance their print and mail campaigns for lead generation.

In terms of Audience Approach, clients can choose to target all property owners, both occupied and non-occupied, within their specified geographic area for effective Geo Farming. Alternatively, they may opt for more specific targeting, focusing on occupied property owners, non-occupied property owners (such as absentee or investor owners), or a combination of both at site and tax invoice addresses. These choices come with varying price per piece considerations, providing flexibility to align with marketing strategies and budget constraints.

On the Personalization front, clients can select from default options like “Current Resident” or opt for increased personalization by including owner names or premium options, offering detailed variations in addressing recipients. This versatile array of options allows real estate professionals to tailor their mailing lists precisely to their target audience while accommodating different levels of personalization to maximize campaign impact.

Audience Approach:

All Property Owners (Occupied & Non-Occupied) at Site Address (Popular with Geo Farming)
• Description: Target all property owners, whether they live on the property or not, within your specified geographic area.
• Pricing: No Pricing Impact

Occupied Property Owners at Site Address (area with property values 5mil +)
• Description: Focus on property owners who live on the property within your target area.
• Pricing: May impact price per piece ($0.01 - $0.04) area and property values.

Non-Occupied Property Owners (Absentee or Investor Owners) at Site Address
• Description: Target property owners who do not live on the property within your target area.
• Pricing: May impact price per piece ($0.08 - $0.11) due to the specific audience.

All Property Owners (Occupied & Non-Occupied) at Tax Invoice Address (Data Farming)
• Description: Reach property owners at their tax invoice address, irrespective of their physical location.
• Pricing: May impact price per piece ($0.04 - $0.06).

All Property Owners at Site Address & Tax Invoice Address & Including Presumed Renters
• Description: Target both occupied and non-occupied property owners at both their site and tax invoice addresses.
• Pricing: May impact price per piece ($0.04 - $0.06) and increase total quantity.
(Don’t miss anyone!)

Personalization Options:

Default No-Personalization (Current Resident or *Neighbor)
• Description: Standard non-personalized mail with a generic recipient title.
• Pricing: No price per piece impact.

Main Owner First & Last Name Personalization
• Description: Personalize the mail with the first and last name of the property owner.**
• Pricing: Estimated impact of $0.03 - $0.05 per piece.

Premium Personalization
• Description: In-depth personalization** with multiple name options or trust details.
• Pricing: Estimated impact of $0.04 - $0.05 per piece. Popular for Data Farming.
First Name Owner 1 & First Name Owner 2 w/Identical Last Name
First Name Owner 1 & Last Name Owner 1
First Name Owner 2 & Last Name Owner 2
Trust = Smith Residence or Smith Family
Trust = Trustee Name if Verified

*In certain postal areas, “Neighbor” used as the addressee name is acceptable. Place an inquiry, and we will find out.
**Regardless of personalization selections, all lists will contain some Current Resident addressee names, as a verified name is not always possible.

Change of Address

If you are using personalization in your address records, it is important to keep in mind the actions or rules you want taken when a CHANGE OF ADDRESS is reported for that record (or any record on your list).

As your prospects or consumers move, many (76%) will fill out a change of address form online or at their local Post Office. As a result, USPS will apply that move, and mail will now be forwarded to their new address. We access this information online 24/7 from the USPS server via batch processing when we validate any mailing list.

We also utilize a private move compiler (5 data compilers, 3 of which are the largest credit information reporting firms) for those who do not fill out a USPS Change of Address Form.

If your mailing address is not personalized, this usually has little effect. However, if you are using personalization and your target has moved, the question now becomes: Do you want to follow that person and now mail to them at their new address? Often the answer will vary, and more specifically, in our world of lead generation for listings, it will vary between the types of lists you have.

For Geo-Farming (and some data farms), generally, your focus is on the property site. So when the owner moves, normally you do not want to follow them but remain marketing to the new owner. Thus, you can continue your hyper-local marketing efforts.

If the list is based on your client or sphere (SOI list), you might want to follow them. These might be relationships you want to maintain and thus remain in contact at touch points with these contacts regardless of where they moved to.

Keep this in mind and communicate to us how you want your data maintained.

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