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Door Hangers

What sizes are available?
Our custom printed door hangers are available in two sizes: 3-1/2″W x 8-1/2″H and 4”W x 11”H.

Are templates available for Door Hangers?
Yes, downloadable templates that include all of the proper margins, bleeds, and sidelines are available in the Design Guidelines Tab.

What paper stocks and weights are available?
We offer door hanger printing on two coated stocks and in a variety of point weights. When choosing a point weight, remember that the larger the number, the thicker the stock. Learn more: Small Format Paper Stocks, Coated Paper Stocks vs. Uncoated Paper Stocks, Text Weight vs. Cover Weight

What margins are required for Door Hangers?
We prefer a safe zone margin of 0.25″ an a minimum of .125” should be left from all edges.
HOLE AREA (Die Cut): While we dont recommend, content can be included in the top portion where the hole and slit will be, it should be limited to the top corners and not placed around where the hole will be.Due to the variable nature of the manufacturing process, we cannot guarantee that the hole will be in the same place every single time. Therefore, at least .25” or 1/4” of margin should be left around the hole

Can the position of the hole be moved?
No, not for this product, however use this product to configure and request a “custom quote” see tab at rught under configure and build w

Will the holes fit all doorknobs?
The size of the hole was determined to fit the most common doorknob stems. The slit allows the Door Hanger to be placed on various sizes of knobs, handles, and even latch-style doors.

Do you want crop marks included with the print PDF for Door Hangers?
No we would rather not have crop marks or color registration bars just the art file WITH THE BLEED

I’m looking to print door hangers for specific addresses, do you offer variable printing?
Yes, we do offer variable printing, but it requires a custom quote.

Can I add a coating or laminate to my door hangers?
You can finish and protect your door hangers with one of our UV coatings or laminates like gloss, matte and soft touch.

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