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List Builder – Real Estate Data Filters

1. Select Real Estate Data Filters

2. Two options appear – Use Geographic Area (most popular). Type in any description of the area you want to target for your mailing. Blocks-/Streets- Neighborhoods- Subs, Buildings, Zip Code etc.

3. Your first area will contain some predetermined database we have setup to compile or for Custom- Build My Own. These our ideal for agent marketing.

4. Life Stages – We can compile a list based on these popular stages in life.

5. Custom- Build My Own will provide you some real estate centric data
using both property and demographic filters

6. Additional Data Filers – Custom- Build My Own.

7. Your budget will determine the Quantity to be mailed. There are often more targets than budget dollars, this tool will allow you to easily determine you list total and then continue.

8. You’ll return to the “Configure Product” section to finish your product build The Quantity total at the the bottom, will be updated (you can adjust it here as well.

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