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Turnaround and In Home Arrival Direct Mail

Just as with most of our products there are two factors that determine the final arrival in home or destination.

  • First is the Turnaround: print, data processing an mail integration on our end here,
  • Second is the time it takes for the USPS to distribute your mail and it arrived In Home. This is often determined by the destination of your mailings' recipient , the Class of Postage or Destination Drop we can use and the size of Category of your mail (read more here regarding size and category)

Technology & Data Integration play a role in our direct mail approach

Our online platform is aligned with both our automated print production system and our integrated SQL in-house All- U.S. property and consumer databases. Our mailing software is layered into the USPS servers for the most update processing, certifications and 48 month NCOA confirmations. Our "on the fly" link to private address (PCOA) change of address and deceased records updating provide additional validation.

The final step is to utilize our Full Service, E-Doc, Seamless and On-Site Verifications status with USPS to physically validate your mail at our facility  and deliver your mail directly to any processing facility in a cleared and ready to load into a processing stream.

Turnaround (Print Time)

For print and mail production as described above from the initial placing of a valid Direct Mail order with no request for proofs, until the mail pieces are dropped off at USPS is normally

  • Postcards 18-48 business hours for Postcards
  • Folded Self Mailers 2 or 3 days for Folded Self Mailers. Large Folded Self Mailers may take a little more time but we do our best to keep these in pace with the other direct mail products.
  • Inserted Letters or Cards (up to 6 pieces) 1-3 Days
  • Booklet Self Mailers (Letter Category) -  2 or 3 days 2-4 Days Flat Category

Turnaround for most direct mail products can be expedited if available, directly in each product, when you place your order. See the Select > Turnaround

USPS Delivery / In Home Arrival

Once the mailers are delivered to a USPS plant/facility, the postal mailing process/turnaround begins.

This will be based on the postage method you selected, holidays, the category or size of your mail piece and the destination of your direct mail campaign.

Currently we are experiencing these "In Home Arrival Times". All Days are Business Days or USPS Deliverable Days when available. (Revised 06/29/2024 - 183522_Hours)

First Class Mail (Retail, Presort or Commercial)

Postcard & Letter Category
US NE Corridor: 1-2 days
US North East: 2-3 days
US NJ/NY: 3 days
US South/South East: 2-3 days
US Mid West: 3-4 days
US Central: 3-4 Days
US West Coast CA: 2-4 days
US West/North West: 3-5 Days
*For Flat Category Add: 4-7 Days

Marketing Mail (aka Presort, Standard or Bulk)

Minimum 200 pieces
Postcard & Letter Category                                                                                                                                                   US NE Corridor: 1-4 days
US North East: 2-5 days
US South/South East: 1-4 days
US Mid West: 2-6 days
US Central: 3-7 Days
US West Coast CA: 2-6 days
US West/North West: 3-7 Days
*For Flat Category Add 4-9 Days

Remember there are no guaranteed delivery times for US Mail, only service goals. Most direct mail providers, once the pieces are dropped off to USPS, relinquish oversight of the mailing to The USPS and take no responsibility for failures.

We are different. If your mail is trackable and you placed a valid order we will re mail if there is no data collected or insufficient data collect in the tracking processes.

We are very experienced at this and although the days of "My Mail Was Not Delivered" are very few and far between, from time to time things can happen. In 2023 we re-mailed 6 campaigns at no charge, based on the above criteria. We are commit just as you!

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