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Upload My Own List – Complete Details

List/Data Type
We prefer lists to be uploaded/submitted in one of the following common formats: .CSV | .TXT | .XLS or .XLSX | .DBF ** Please do not submit any Apple number files if possible. Instead export as CSV from your Mac/Apple device. We do accept formats other than those listed above, however, additional time and fees may apply if it’s necessary to adjust or manipulate your data. If you’re unsure about your mailing list or have questions on exporting from your CRM, feel free to contact us.
Your File Names
File names should not have any of the following:

• Spaces (use ” _” rather than space if possible)
• Special Characters (!,@,#,$,% etc)
• Only 1 period(.)* that will be before the file extension name (see below)
• Other Punctuation or Hyphens
* Your computer will automatically attach a .xxx (i.e. .txt, .csv, .dbf, etc.) to the file name. This is called the file’s extension and is required. Please don’t remove or change this part of the file name

You can download a sample file in this tab on the right. This format is built around an typical SOI based list. You can also use a simple format as well, see in the image below – First Name, Last Name, Address, City, State, Zip. Each address should be on a single row, with each element of the address in a separate column. If you have a secondary address – Apt/Condo/Unit # a column for that is fine if it is not already in the main address field.
Note: If your file has more columns don’t worry as long as you have the basics you are all set!

Save/ADD List(s) to Account
If you want to save that list you are uploading, for an order you can select > Yes. We will then add it to your My Mailing List so that it will be available next time in the “use My List on File” option
Note: You can also add mailing list(s) from the Top Menu > My Account

My Name Field
We do ask you to review the data in your name field as often we see data from various MLS services with a popular field know as “Owner Label” or “Mailing Label”. Often if you look closely at those names in that field, you’ll see about 20-40% of them are not formatted correctly or contain descriptions related to Trust or Multiple owners. We think using names is great! How using the wrong name or a poorly formatted name might not be the best impression to make. We provide you a few options.
Moved or Change of Address Records
We will process your list for the best possible delivery! A component in that process is matching your records/list with those that file filed a Change of Address Request with USPS as well as with a private database (Three major credit Bureaus). Then depending on your input we can Follow them to their new address or Replace with “Neighbor” or “Current Resident”. Or we can Remove them
You have a SOI/Client List, and you sold a home to Bob & Wendy Smith. Their mail now goes to their new home so we would recommend you follow them and mail to their new address we obtained.
Your list is a Geo Farm or Neighborhood/Subdivision List, and an owner has moved. We would recommend that you don’t follow and instead leave the mail addressed to the address within your farm.

We can review your file for duplicate names. A common approach is when the name and the address are a match – Remove the duplicate(s). If there are two different names going to one similar address Bob Smith – Wendy Smith, we can Remove one of them or we can Merge the two names to a single record Bob & Wendy Smith. If there are multiple different names Bob Smith and Wendy Jones going to the same address we can merge as well keeping the 2 names but Merging into one record.
Friends and Family Script– We use a great many “data scripts” as we see various types of name and address configurations. This is a very advance method of not just removing duplicates, however analyzing multiple records with certain similar characteristics – then merging and identifying those that match..

Multiple List Upload
You can upload up to 4 lists for any single mailing. We will combine your lists and remove duplicates in the same manner as you selected above. If one of your lists is name with or similar to and SOI or Client List, those are what we refer to as the “Surviving Record”. Thus if that record or address is on a another list in your upload, then the SOI/Client List info for that record, is the one we will maintain.

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